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KTRH 740 Is A Terrible Radio Station—No News 740

Above is the 740 KTRH SUV I saw today in my travels around Houston.

KTRH can afford that car in the picture and they can afford to paint it all up, but they cannot afford a real news operation.

The car says “NewsRadio 740.” However, what they should really now call this station is “No-News 740.”

KTRH recently dumped longtime morning news hosts Lana Hughes and J.P. Pritchard.

Instead, KTRH now has even more right wing talk for the morning hours.

KTRH is now so bad, that even the misguided folks at Blog Houston say it is bad.

KTRH is just another dime-a-dozen Clear Channel station that cares a lot about money and nothing about the towns and cities where Clear Channel stations can be found.

Even if you are on the right politically, why would you listen to station that does not care at all about where you live?

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