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Connection Can Be Found By All People & In All Places

Above is a picture of the confluence of the Buffalo Bayou and White Oak Bayou in Downtown Houston.  

This is a place that was important to the founding of Houston 175 years ago.

Connection leads to creation.

You see there is a train passing over the bayous.

There is also a bridge for cars and for pedestrians at this place.

The building to the left is part of the University of Houston-Downtown campus.

Knowledge is connection to the world.

For 175 years this spot has been a place of connection.

Connection with people, places, things, the natural world, and information is a path many of us may wish to follow.

Houston is a hot almost Hellish place that is swept from time-to-time by hurricanes. 

Can you imagine what a hot disease-plagued swamp Houston must have been 175 years ago?

If connection can be found here, it can be found by anybody and in any setting.

Maybe isolation is sometimes the beginning of the road as one seeks connection.

From my own experience, I’d say isolation can be a very good starting point to connection.

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Blogging, Like All Types Of Communication, Helps Mitigate Our Isolation

Blogging is a form of a communication that helps mitigate the isolation inherent to being one individual in a world of many individuals. I think this is true even for people who have good lives with many friends and family. 

This is what communication is all about—Finding connection, expressing your views, conveying that you have something of value to share with others. Blogging is new, but it is about what are some of the most basic and oldest impulses.

There are many good ways to communicate with others. People should communicate in the way that works best for themselves. 

Here is a poem by the late George Oppen  (Who will be the subject of a future post on Texas Liberal) that, in a roundabout way, relates to this subject. It’s one part of a larger poem called Of Being Numerous—–

Obsessed, bewildered,

By the shipwreck

Of the singular

We have chosen the meaning

Of being numerous.

Here is a poem I wrote on somewhat the same subject. It’s called Tightrope

The mob on the one side 

The few on the other side,

I’ll take my chances

With the Niagara below.

The picture above shows the entire course of the Niagara River.

Here is a link to Fort Niagara State Park where my wife and I once spent a great summer’s day.     

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