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Bug On A Leaf—I’m Glad I’m Not A Bug

Here is a picture I took a few weeks ago here in Houston of a bug on a leaf.

I have no idea what type of bug or what type of leaf is shown in this picture.

While I’m certain insects are essential to the Earth’s ecosystem, I’m glad I’m not a bug.

Bugs don’t live very long and they do not have blogs.

Here is a link to Entomology section of the Smithsonian.

Here is a field guide to insects of Texas from Texas A & M. 

Here are facts about leaves.

(Photo copyright 2011 Neil Aquino.)

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What Is The World’s Biggest Insect?

Two nights ago my wife asked me to put outside a tiny bug that was crawling around our home. We did not kill the creature as all it wanted to do was crawl about and live. Now if it had been bigger and more scary looking…well we might have picked an alternate course.

Please don’t think the wife could not put the bug out herself. It’s just I was around and I should be good for something.

The little bug got  me wondering–What is the world’s biggest insect?


The picture at the top of this post is the answer to that question. It is a bug that is 55.6 centimeters long. How long is that? I don’t honestly know. Here is some information on the metric system if you’d like to figure it out. I think that what we can be certain about is that the bug in the picture is long enough.

Here is a story about the bug in the picture. The article says that the bug is nearly as long as your arm. Maybe this is not the heaviest insect in the world, but it does appear to be the longest one.

It lives on the top of trees in the rain forests in Borneo.  It is newly discovered and is called Chan’s Megastick.

If the wife and I saw this bug at home, we would leave and let the bug have the place.

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Giant Sea Scorpion & The Political Blog Lubbock Left

I’ve been remiss not to post about the prehistoric 8 foot sea scorpion that has been discovered. (Be sure to watch the video entitled “The Giant Beast” under the illustration in the link. It shows the sea scorpion attacking other creatures.)

This animal lived 390 million years ago. Its 2 1/2 foot fossilized claw was recently found in Germany.     

With the illustration below, you can see just how big this giant scorpion was—  


Scale model of the scorpion with a human

As for the “modern scorpion”, you’ll find them in Texas. None are fatal to human beings. Some scorpions can live up to 25 years. Here is information about scorpions in Texas taken from The Field Guide To Texas Insects by Drees and Jackman.

Since this blog has aspirations beyond Texas, here is a link to scorpions in other parts of the nation. 

Here is a link to scorpions of Europe. I imagine them as desert creatures, but it seems that is not fully the case. There are 25 types of scorpion in Europe.

Coming back to Texas, another thing you’ll find in the Lone Star state is the blog Lubbock Left. I’ve never been to Lubbock. I do know that it is a quite conservative place. I think anybody fighting for the left side of the aisle in Lubbock merits support.  Especially the friendly folks running that fine blog.

Lastly, and I admit this post is a hodgepodge, here is a stanza from the Gary Snyder poem Milton by Firelight that mentions the scorpion.

In ten thousand years the Sierras

Will be dry and dead, home of the scorpion.

Ice-scratched slabs and bent trees.

No paradise, no fall,

Only the weathering land

The wheeling sky

Man, with his Satan

Scouring the chaos of the mind.

Oh Hell!  

Here is a link to the entire poem.

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