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I Reflected On The Nature Of Existence This Evening

I went to the Cincinnati Reds baseball game this evening.

I had ice cream for dinner. Also, since as you can see in the picture the Ohio River was visible from my seat, I looked at the flowing river and reflected upon the nature of existence.

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Fudgsicle Triple Chocolate 18 Pack Has Poor And Unhelpful Packaging

File:Indonesia bike34.JPG

The Fudgsicle Triple Chocolate 18 pack has poor and unhelpful packaging. 

(Above–Ice cream vendor in Indonesia.)

 This item, that I bought with my hard-earned money, has three flavors.

These three flavors are—

1. Milk Chocolate

2. Dark Chocolate

3. White Chocolate

The problem is that the individual packages within the box are not labeled. You can tell, if you have enough light, which is the white chocolate. But there is no way to tell which is the milk chocolate and which is the white chocolate. 

I was asked by someone close to me to for a milk chocolate Fudgsicle , but what I gave this person was the dark chocolate flavor. I could not figure out which one was the milk chocolate. 

The Fudgsicle brand is owned by the consumer giant Unilever. You’d think they could work this out.

You can click here to see a picture of the item I am talking about. They spend plenty of money for the external packaging, but then don’t make the product easy to use once I take it home. 

I’m forwarding this blog post to the Fudgsicle/Unilever company and we will see what kind of response I get.  

I feel that a week in Venice would be a fair payment for the trouble this issues has caused in my life.

Here is the Wikipedia entry for Unilever where you can read about the company for good or ill. Wikipedia can only be trusted so far, but it;s a starting point if you would like to learn more about this big global outfit.

Here are a number of recipes for homemade ice cream if you’d rather do it yourself.  

Here is a history of ice cream with some links for further study. 

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