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I’ve Never Seen A Car Loaded So Full

I don’t know that I’ve ever seen a car loaded as full as was this car that I saw on I-45 in Houston a few weeks back.

I was not driving when I took this picture.

I can only extend my peace and blessings to the person transporting all this organic matter on our Houston highways.

Though I might also please suggest that next time this motorist haul such a load in—at least— two trips.

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St. Thomas & The Highway To Hell

File:Saint Thomas Aquinas.jpg

I’m headed 50 miles south today from Houston to Galveston to have lunch, take a walk and look around.

Hopefully you will be able to take a nice day trip at some point soon. Odds are that you’ve earned some peace.

I’m going by myself. I enjoy time with my wife and with friends.  I also enjoy time by myself. You need time by yourself to keep yourself together and to be able to remain useful to others.  

Driving to Galveston on I-45, the Gulf Freeway, I will resume an internal debate that I think would make the man I get my last name from, St. Thomas Aquinas, proud. My last name is Aquino.

I’m not any expert on St. Thomas, but I know he did a lot of thinking. Here is information on St. Thomas from the Stanford Dictionary of Philosophy. He lived 1225-1274.

( The painting of St. Thomas you see above was completed in the 15th century by Fra Angelico.)

Are Houston’s highways a literal Hell on Earth, or are they more correctly seen as representations of Hell?

Is Hell all around us? Do we make our own Hell by the failure of mental discipline involved in not managing our reaction to things that are lousy? Is the idea that I-45 is a kind of Hell a manifestation of some type of anxiety about where life’s travels are taking us? Am I afraid of just my own course in life? Or, given how many people ride on I-45, do I see all of us on a Highway to Hell?  

Or maybe I-45 is simply a real living Hell on Earth. You can’t rule that out.

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No Surprise That Houston Cop Is Hit By Two Separate Drunk Drivers

File:Buffalo bill wild west show c1899.jpg

Houston Police officer Lloyd Morrison was hit by two separate drunk drivers Saturday morning while stopped to address a traffic accident. This happened at 3:30 AM on I-45.

Here’s the Houston Chronicle story.   

Above–Houston’s highways are like the Wild West in the modern day.

The first drunk driver clipped the officer’s car. Then, another drunk driver hit the car and caused officer Morrison to be pinned against a fire truck. Officer Morrison is in critical condition, but appears to have a hopeful prognosis.

I often have to drive on Highway 290 around midnight on Friday and Saturday evenings. I’d say I see a driver who seems drunk at least half the time. I’ve called 911 at least three times about swerving drivers.

I hope this incident leads to more enforcement on our roads by both HPD and the Harris County Sheriff.

Our highways are full of drunks and crazies. Law-abiding motorists need help.

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