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Texas Liberal Gets 6539 Hits In One Day—Thank You Blog Reading World

Thanks to you, the blog reading public, Texas Liberal registered 6539 hits on November 5. For the week of the election, Texas Liberal was fortunate enough to get over 2,600 hits a day.

If you Google “6539”, you get a listing for the Hudson Mainstage Theater at 6539 Santa Monica Blvd. in Los Angeles. This entertainment center has three stages, as espresso bar and an art gallery. Now performing at the Hudson is the play Angry Young Women In Low-Rise Jeans With High-Class IssuesHere is a review of that show.

My goal for 2008 was 1,000 page views a day. This year I’ve averaged 880. That’s not 1,000, but it is pretty good as these things go.

I also blog as a featured politics reader-blogger at the Houston Chronicle and at Where’s The Outrage?  

Thank you for reading Texas Liberal. If you like the blog, please consider forwarding the link. A blog grows one reader at a time.

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