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I’m Certain The Brown Furry Thing I Saw Was A Nutria—Nutria Links

I’m pretty certain the brown furry thing in the picture is a Nutria.

I took this picture this past may at the Houston National Veteran’s Cemetery.

I wish I had gotten a better picture of the creature, but it scampered away into the pond.

In any case I was close to it as I needed to be.

At first I was uncertain what it was. But I poked around on the internet for a time and came to view that what I had seen was Nutria.

Below is better picture of this creature that also includes some nice ducks. (Photo by J. Patrick Fischer.)

The Nutria is native to South America and was imported to Louisiana in the 1930’s so that a Nutria fur trading trade could take place in the U.S.

Not surprisingly some escaped and now they are all over.

Here are facts about the Nutria from the online Mammals of Texas.

Here are facts and a number of Nutria related links from the National Invasive Species Information Center of the federal government.

You can get an affliction from this varmint called the “Nutria Itch.”

Here is the Nutria Trappers Association.

I’m glad that I when I saw the Nutria it chose to dive into the pond and not instead to charge at me.

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Houston-Galveston 2011 Memorial Day Events—Memorial Day History And Links

(Blogger’s Note–5/21/12—Here are Houston area events for Memorial Day 2012.)

Memorial Day, 2011 is May 30.

Freedom-loving citizens in the Houston and Galveston area will attending Memorial Day events in the days ahead.

For all of you good folks who wrongly feel that liberals do not care about our troops, please recall that you are getting this information at a blog called Texas Liberal.

A big Memorial Day event in Houston each year is the ceremony at the Houston National Cemetery.

(Above–Houston National Cemetery. Picture by Postoak.)

Here are some details on the 2011 event—

“This year, the Department of Veterans Affairs is pleased to announce that retired Air Force Colonel Ann M. Testa, current federal security director, George Bush Intercontinental Airport, will give the Memorial Day address at Houston National Cemetery… Testa served in the United States Air Force for over 27 years retiring as a Colonel in 2001.  In addition to earning a Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics from MIT, she received a Master of Science degree in Human Resources Management from the State University of New York. In addition to Testa’s remarks, the event will feature a parade of colors and wreaths by numerous local veterans’ organizations, ROTC units, and Boy and Girl Scout troops. All Boy and Girl Scout organizations in southeast Texas are invited to attend. There will also be many symbolic highlights including a flyover by the U.S. Coast Guard; a performance of Taps; a cannon salute; a riderless horse procession by the Houston Police Mounted Patrol; Amazing Grace performed by Ian Martin; and a rifle salute by the VFW District #4 Ceremonial Detail accompanied by Co. A 13th U.S. Regular Infantry with muskets. Peggy Slay, president of the Houston Gold Star Mothers will lead the pledge of allegiance…”

Here are some details about parking at this event—

Park FREE at the North Shepherd Park & Ride, 7821 North Shepherd at Veterans Memorial Drive, Houston 77088, for a convenient connection to the 108 Veterans Memorial METRO bus.  The route will run from 7 a.m. – 1 p.m. (fares apply) on a 20 minute frequency.  Additional transportation will be provided at the gate of the cemetery to the event for elderly and disabled.

Here is the web page of the Houston National Cemetery.

Houston Veterans for Peace will be planting U.S. and Texas flags in honor of Texans who have died in Iraq and Afghanistan at Discovery Green Park in Downtown Houston. Civilian deaths will also be noted in this observance. This event will run from Saturday 5/28 through Memorial Day.

While I wish it were otherwise, there is no Memorial Day Parade in Houston.

Here are some specfics about a Memorial Day event at Seawolf Park in Galveston–

“The Memorial Day Service held at Seawolf Park is the 10th annual such service and begins at 11 am on Monday.  The service is open to the public and we invite all to come and be part of this remembrance….  This service features a speaker from each branch of the service who remembers their lost.  We also conduct a tolling of the Boats for all the submariners lost in WWII who have no graves.  If their operational activities permit, a USCG helicopter will hover over the harbor outside of Seawolf Park and place a wreath in the water for those lost at sea who have no grave. The submarine USS Cavalla at Seawolf park is a WWII veteran and responsible for sinking the Japanese carrier Shokaku which had attacked Pearl Harbor. “

The Galveston County Daily News has a list of other Memorial Day events for Sunday and Memorial Day in Galveston County.

If you are aware of any other events in the Houston-Galveston area, please post a comment.

Below is a history of Memorial Day and a number of links about subjects related to Memorial Day—- Continue reading

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Houston Memorial Day 2010—Governor Rick Perry Talked About Treason Yet Now He Is Speaking On Memorial Day

Memorial Day for 2010 in on Monday, May 31.

It is good to honor our veterans by attending a Memorial Day event.

What Memorial Day events are taking place in Houston?

(Above—Houston National Cemetery)

The Cypress Times reports the following event—

“A special Memorial Day Service will be held on Monday, May 31, 2010 at 9:30 a.m. at the Houston VA National Cemetery, located at 10410 Veterans Memorial Drive.  This year, the Department of Veterans Affairs is pleased to announce Governor Rick Perry will give the Memorial Day address.There will also be many symbolic highlights including a flyover by the U.S. Coast Guard; a performance of Taps; a cannon salute; a riderless horse procession by the Houston Police Mounted Patrol; Amazing Grace performed by the Houston Highlander Pipe Band; a white dove release; and a rifle salute by the VFW District #4 Ceremonial Detail accompanied by Co. A 13th U.S. Regular Infantry with muskets. Medal of Honor recipient David McNerney will lead the pledge of allegiance with Peggy Slay, president of the Houston Gold Star Mothers. The Memorial Day Service, honoring deceased United States servicemen and women, is free and open to the public.”

Here is the link to the full story.

Here is the link to the Houston National Cemetery.

A Memorial Day ceremony should avoid politics. It is right that the Governor of our state should come and speak about sacrifices made by our soldiers. Even though I don’t support Governor Perry , in almost every case I would not care about the political party or the political beliefs of a Memorial Day speaker. In this situation however, we need to remember that Governor Perry has talked about Texas leaving the union. No matter how you look at it, that kind of talk is a call to treason. I don’t understand how anybody could think that Rick Perry should speak on behalf of any American solider who fought for what is best about our nation.

Here is another event in the Houston area—

“Harris County Attorney Vince Ryan, a Vietnam War veteran who also served during the 1990 invasion of Panama, will be the featured speaker at the annual Precinct Three Memorial Day Ceremony in Bear Creek Pioneers Park on May 31st. This year is the 25th anniversary of the Precinct Three ceremony in which Harris County military personnel killed in war zones are honored. In advance of the ceremony, the names of those who have fallen in the previous year are etched in bronze on the Memorial Wall in the park.”

Here are more complete details about this event.

Seawolf park on Pelican Island in Galveston will be holding a Memorial Day event. The time of the event is not posted as I write this tonight. Here is the link to Seawolf Park.

In Sugar Land, there is a full-sized replica of the Vietnam Veteran’s Memorial Wall.

Here is a listing of the above-mentioned events and a few others—in League City, Friendswood and Fort Bend County–from the Houston Chronicle.

Here is my post about the history of Memorial Day.

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Memorial Day Parade 1942—Houston Memorial Day Events

Image, Source: digital file from original transparency

(Blogger’s Note–5/29/11– Here are events for Houston Memorial Day 2011. There is no Memorial Day parade in Houston.)

Above is a Memorial Day parade in Southington, Connecticut in 1942.

Here is information about the picture. The picture was taken by Fenno Jacobs.

The small crowd is due to the fact that town’s war factories did not close for the parade.

Here is a list of Memorial Day events in the Houston area as collected by the City of Houston.

Here is the link to the Houston National Cemetery. There is a Memorial Day event at the cemetery—Here are the details.

There is a Memorial Day event at Seawolf Park on Pelican Island near Galveston Island.

Here is the link to Arlington National Cemetery.

Here is the link to Southington, Connecticut.

Southington does not list a Memorial Day parade on its list of town events for May.

Here are links about the history of Memorial Day and about the men and women who served and died in the service of others.

People talk a lot about respect for veterans. Just like they talk a lot about family and God and all that.

I’m wary that anything people talk about at length in our society is really anything that is strongly believed.

It’s not that people are lying when they say they care a lot about veterans and family and God.

Though many are lying.

It’s just that they talk and talk and yet people’s actions don’t meet up with the words.

I look at people and want to feel that they have the substance and quality to hold beliefs in a serious and thoughtful manner.

I have to admit though that in many cases I can’t get myself to that point about folks.

In fact, when I hear of a view that is claimed to be deeply held, I often wonder what misdeed or neglect is being covered for with the assertion of care and sentiment.

I think it is unlikely that we as a society care much about veterans, or that most people will take time on Memorial Day to think about the people who have died in our wars.

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