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Why Would Anybody Want To Look Like These Freaky Ralph Lauren Mannequins?—Our Culture Is Both Alien & Alienating

There is nothing very original in complaining about emaciated and bizarre models and displays at clothing stores.

But I just do want to use the above picture I took a few days ago of these  freaky mannequins at the Ralph Lauren store in the Houston Galleria to indicate just how alien and alienating I find so much of everyday culture to be.

Who could look at this stuff and want to buy anything from this place? How could this be any ideal of fashion or personal appearance?

Okay—I’ve said what I wanted to say about what can only be a losing battle on my part.

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Occupy Houston Prints Newspaper—Self-Starting And Working With Others Is The Occupy Wall Street Ethic

The first edition of the Occupy Houston newspaper is out.

This is indeed the spirit. It is up to each of us to be self-starters, and to work with others for the good of the nation and of the 99%.

You can pick up a copy of the paper at Occupy Houston at Tranquility Park.

Occupy Houston will today be at the Egyptian consulate and at the Houston Galleria for Black Friday.

Here are some details of the Egyptian consulate protest-

Friday November 25th, 2pm-5pm 5718 Westheimer Road , Suite 1350 Houston, TX 77057

Please, come and stand for Egypt freedom against brutality in Egypt. Stand for future of Egypt.

The Galleria event will be at 5:30 PM in the mall.

Here is the Occupy Houston website.

Here is Occupy Galveston. 

Here is Occupy Wall Street.

You can also find these Occupy efforts on Facebook as well as an Bryan-College Station Facebook page.

Let’s be hopeful, creative, and hard working.

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Occupy Houston Not Resting Over Thanksgiving

Occupy Houston will be having a “Fall Harvest Feast”  today to mark Thanksgiving Day at 6 PM in Tranquility Park.

Then on Black Friday the 25th, Occupy will be at the Egyptian Consulate and the Houston Galleria.

Here is the latest New York Times report about events in Egypt.   

It is energetic and hopeful stuff.

You just don’t have to accept the world as it is. You can be part of something better.

Here is the Occupy Wall Street website.

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Houston Galleria Held Liable For Not Protecting Safety Of Shoppers


The owner of the Houston Galleria shopping mall and a private security firm were found liable yesterday for failing to provide adequate protection in the case of a young women who was sexually assaulted at the Galleria in 2003. The woman was awarded 3 million dollars.

The owner of the Galleria is HG Shopping Center LP and the security firm is IPC International Corporation.  

A Houston jury found HG 25% liable, IPC 45% liable and the assailant 30% liable.

The sexual assault was one of a string of such attacks at the Galleria in 2003.

A security adviser for the mall told the jury that alerting mall tenants and shoppers of the attack would have created panic. I’m sure profits had nothing to do with it at all.

The woman who won the judgment was an employee at the mall. Being at the Galleria was not an option for her if she wanted to be paid and earn a living. 

Not panicking people was the reason to keep quiet used in Jaws by the town fathers after the first few shark attacks. They did not want to scare people away from the beach during the summer season.

At the Galleria, shopping is always in season.

Landlords and the security firms they employ to provide—yes—security have an obligation to help keep people safe.

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