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Part Of The Infrastructure


There may be times you feel like no more than a cog in a machine. 

Here is a picture in which I did seem to be part of the infrastructure.  

I took this picture last week on the new Bill Coats bike-hike bridge over Brays Bayou in Houston’s Hermann Park.

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I Left The Woods For The Safety Of The City


Given the choice between the wilds and the city, I’ll always choose the city.

I took this picture last week while walking about on some of the hike/bike trails at Hermann Park here in Houston.

I made the mistake of going to some trails that were heavily forested.

I quickly turned around to seek the safety of the urban environment. Even after just a few minutes in the dark woods it was a relief to see in the clearing a tall building and a big electrical tower.

You can see from the picture that the sun shines bright to guide your way when you are in the hopeful openness of the city.

I’m happy to be called a tree-hugger and any other label you would associate with support of environmental causes.

However, I’ve never spent a night in my life outdoors and I never will unless we are in some type of post-apocalypse setting and there is no shelter.

A city is where we will find books and a baseball game and nice trails to walk on that keep you within sight of tall buildings and life-affirming infrastructure.

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Sam Houston Keeps An Eternal Watch

Here is the statue of Sam Houston in Houston’s Hermann Park. I was at this park today.

Sam keeps watch over our great city of Houston.


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Sam Houston Points You Towards A Nice And Productive Weekend

Above is the great Sam Houston in Houston’s Hermann Park.

Sam is pointing you towards having a restful and productive weekend.

The two are not all contradictory. Getting stuff done can help ease the mind.

One thing you could do is visit the Sam Houston Memorial Museum up the road from  Houston in Huntsville.

Another idea would be to support Occupy Houston and Occupy Galveston over the  weekend.

Here are some facts about Sam from the excellent Handbook of Texas Online.

Sam looks to have someplace in mind with his pointing up on that statue.

But for our purposes let’s just say that Sam is suggesting that you pick any enjoyable and helpful course for the weekend.

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Visit A Park Near You—Do So With Others Or By Yourself

Instead a making a post of any great length today, I went to the park with my wife.

Folks in Houston enjoy visiting Hermann Park on the weekend and all days of the week.

You might wish to consider visiting a park near you.

You could do so with others or by yourself. Either way has advantages.

Here is some history of urban parks as loosely collected by a Google aggregator.

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What Shall My Wife And I Do With Our Day Off?

I have tomorrow off with my wife.

What will we do?

First, as you see above, we will get dressed up. We are quite formal people.

Then, we are going to go to the U.S. Post Office to mail off some holiday gifts.

My father-in-law worked at the U.S. Post Office for many years. His work helped my wife be able to attend college.

Please support your local post office.

Here is the link to the Smithsonian National Postal Museum. The wife and I once went there.

After the post office, I regret to say that we must go to the Apple Computer Store in the Houston Galleria.

You see that iphone in my hand in the picture above?

I dropped it last night and shattered the screen.

I’m not so pleased with this fact.

I do not want to go to the crowded Galleria nine days before Christmas, but hopefully it will be early enough in the morning to beat most of the crowds.

After the Apple Store, the wife and I will have lunch at a Japanese restaurant.

We use forks. Neither of us can handle chopsticks.

When the wife and I go out to eat, we bring newspapers and magazines to read.

We read and we talk to each other.  It goes quite well.

After lunch, we are going to go to the Houston Museum of Natural Science.

The wife and I will see an exhibit called Faberge–Imperial Jeweler to the Tsars.

After the museum, the wife and I may—or may not—take a walk in Houston’s Hermann Park.

The walk will depend on the weather and what time of day we are done with all we plan to do.

My wife and I will have a great day off together.

Take some time to be with the people you value in life.

At the same time, be sure to spend some time alone.

A balance of time with people you care about and time spent alone makes for a well-adjusted personality.

That is my theory at least.

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