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St. Thomas & The Highway To Hell

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I’m headed 50 miles south today from Houston to Galveston to have lunch, take a walk and look around.

Hopefully you will be able to take a nice day trip at some point soon. Odds are that you’ve earned some peace.

I’m going by myself. I enjoy time with my wife and with friends.  I also enjoy time by myself. You need time by yourself to keep yourself together and to be able to remain useful to others.  

Driving to Galveston on I-45, the Gulf Freeway, I will resume an internal debate that I think would make the man I get my last name from, St. Thomas Aquinas, proud. My last name is Aquino.

I’m not any expert on St. Thomas, but I know he did a lot of thinking. Here is information on St. Thomas from the Stanford Dictionary of Philosophy. He lived 1225-1274.

( The painting of St. Thomas you see above was completed in the 15th century by Fra Angelico.)

Are Houston’s highways a literal Hell on Earth, or are they more correctly seen as representations of Hell?

Is Hell all around us? Do we make our own Hell by the failure of mental discipline involved in not managing our reaction to things that are lousy? Is the idea that I-45 is a kind of Hell a manifestation of some type of anxiety about where life’s travels are taking us? Am I afraid of just my own course in life? Or, given how many people ride on I-45, do I see all of us on a Highway to Hell?  

Or maybe I-45 is simply a real living Hell on Earth. You can’t rule that out.

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Squid Attacks On Divers—Animals Right To Attack Humans Every Chance They Get

File:Dosidicus gigas.jpg

There have been a number of attacks on people by Humboldt Squid off the coast of California.

(Above–A Humboldt Squid. It hates you.)

Here is how it is reported in U.K’s Telegraph newspaper

From the Telegraph—

“The 5ft long creatures which can grow up to 100 pounds have been targeting scuba divers, yanking their cameras and clinging onto their wetsuits. The huge shoals of Humboldt squid have chased many veteran divers out of the water and are nicknamed el diablo rojo or red devils – for their rust-red colouring and aggressive behaviour. I wouldn’t go into the water with them for the same reason I wouldn’t walk into a pride of lions on the Serengeti,” said Mike Bear, a local diver. “For all I know, I’m missing the experience of a lifetime.”

It’s not surprising that sea creatures or any kind of creature would want to attack a human being. Human beings make the Earth a kind of hell for animals.  

Here is information from the American Institute for Biological Sciences about the ongoing massive wave of human-caused extinctions.

From the Institute–

“There is little doubt left in the minds of professional biologists that Earth is currently faced with a mounting loss of species that threatens to rival the five great mass extinctions of the geological past. As long ago as 1993, Harvard biologist E.O. Wilson estimated that Earth is currently losing something on the order of 30,000 species per year — which breaks down to the even more daunting statistic of some three species per hour. Some biologists have begun to feel that this biodiversity crisis — this “Sixth Extinction” — is even more severe, and more imminent, than Wilson had supposed.

Look at this guy below with all those squid in his boat. That boat is a hell for squid.  

This story from the Times of London details the negative impact of climate change on Humboldt Squid.

Here are some facts about the Humboldt Squid from Squid-World.com.

From Squid-World.com–

“Also referred to as the jumbo squid, the Humboldt is one you do want to recognize. They aren’t as long as you would think with a name like that though. They only get to be about 7 feet long and weigh up to 100 pounds. They grow extremely fast though so those new offspring can get very large in a matter of months as long as they have enough food to nourish their bodies….They have the ability to change their colors from shades of red to shades of purple and then white as well. Some people used to believe this was for hiding but it is now believed it is for communication purposes. Due to the different colors the Humboldt squid is often misidentified.”

I eat meat. I’ve eaten squid. Animals eat animals. But there is a big difference between eating what you need to live, and the way human beings treat animals and treat the Earth. Given how we treat each other, is it little surprise that we abuse every creature and every aspect of nature that we possibly can.

I think it is time for animals to wise up and start hitting back.   

File:Ribeira Lixo GDFL 040825 049.jpg

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