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What Shall I Do With My Day?—Houston Ship Channel Leads Out To A Wide Sea

I’ve got the day to myself and there are things I plan to accomplish.

1. I’m going to make a blog post. The blog is a daily demand and I sometimes assess if it is worth the effort. I feel it is worth the effort for the moment because it  allows me to have a voice in the world. Even when I am out doing other things, the blog is getting traffic. I view it sometimes like that record playing on the Voyager space probes that transmits facts about the Earth as the Voyagers fly off into space. My message is out there.

(Below–Voyager. Here is the Voyager web home at the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory.)

2. I’m going to have lunch at Brady’s Landing which is located on the  Houston Ship Channel.

I enjoy driving down historic Harrisburg Blvd. in Houston. That is how I will get to the Ship Channel. I think about things that once were and how these things are connected to the present day. All things are connected.

The Ship Channel is both organic and man-made. It is the widening and deepening of an existing body of water. You and I are both organic and man-made. We are who we are and we are the creation of the world around us.

Also, the Ship Channel is a narrow body of water that leads out to a wide sea. I find that hopeful. You never know what something will lead if you make an effort.

On my ride, I’ll take my camera and my Flip video camera in case inspiration hits. You never know when you will have a good thought.

(Below–The Houston Ship Channel)

3. I’m going to take a walk in Memorial Park here in Houston. There is a jogging/walking trail in this park. Jogging is not civilized. While I’ve never done any jogging, it looks jarring. All that wear and tear. On the other hand, a nice thoughtful walk  will make me a better husband, friend and citizen.

(Below–Memorial Park.)

4. I have a bunch of other stuff to do as well. Boring stuff like laundry.

If I sit here all morning with the blog, I will never get to any of those things—So now I’m hitting the road.

Thanks for reading the blog and please have a hopeful, creative, and liberal day.

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Must Burger King Be Open On Christmas Day?

(12/25/09-Blogger’s Note—As of 11 AM central time on Christmas Day, over 200 people have visited this post. Most all of them have done so by asking a search engine question about if Burger King is open Christmas Day. So I can’t deny that some folks do want Burger King open on Christmas. Are the folks asking this question working themselves today? If they go to Burger King, will they thank the staff for working on the holiday? Maybe even offer a tip? My own view remains that places should be closed on Christmas Day and that workers should get a paid holiday. Thanks.)

(12/24/11–Blogger’s Note–This is still a very popular post.)

Must this Burger King on Houston’s Harrisburg Blvd. be open on Christmas Day?

Don’t you imagine that the people who work at Burger King would like to be home on Christmas Day?

I don’t figure they are going to staff the place with Jewish folks and Muslims.

I suppose if Burger King is paying workers maybe three or four times normal pay to work Christmas—That would at least be something.

I doubt that is how much the staff will be paid.

All work has value and work done by employees at Burger King is honorable employment.

I know people need money and want all the hours scheduled on the job that they can get.

I know some folks may not have money for a fancy holiday dinner.

Yet, must so many places be open all the time?

When do people have the chance to rest and reflect?

You see it is snowing in the picture.

It snows in Houston every few years. It snowed a few days ago.

The snow gives the Burger King sign a festive holiday look.

No–Not really.

And there will be no festive holiday for folks at Burger King on Christmas Day.

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