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Loren Jackson Makes His Case For Harris County District Clerk In 50 Words Or Less

Loren Jackson is running for reelection to the position of Harris County District Clerk.

(Above–Mr. Jackson with moon walking astronaut Eugene Cernan.)

Here is the official web page of the District Clerk so you can study what this office does for the people of Harris County.

Here is how the Houston Chronicle describes the office—

“The duties of this office include summoning jurors for the district and county criminal courts, maintaining court records, preparing daily court dockets and receiving child support payments.”

I asked District Clerk Jackson to, in 50 words or less, tell the people of Harris County why he should be returned to office.

Mr. Jackson quoted from the Chronicle editorial backing his effort—

“In the race for Harris County District Clerk – the most important yet least known office in the Justice system – “the choice is clear. Democratic Incumbent Loren Jackson has done an excellent job.” ~ Houston Chronicle”

Here is the Chronicle’s full endorsement of Mr. Jackson.

Here is Mr. Jackson’s campaign web home.

Please consider voting for Loren Jackson for the office of Harris County District Clerk.

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Harris County District Clerk Chang Befouls Public Park With Campaign Signs

Campaign yard signs for Harris County, Texas District Clerk Theresa Chang, a Republican, were placed on the grounds of Memorial Park and near the entrance of the Houston Arboretum and Nature Center. I saw a bunch of these signs yesterday morning and a few remained this morning.  

( Above is a visual representation of the Chang for Clerk campaign.) 

Incredibly, the District Clerk’s job involves working within our county “justice” system. The clerk collects fees and keeps records for the courts. The clerk is also also responsible for summoning jurors.

What example is Ms. Chang setting for people who ignore a jury summons?  

Maybe Ms. Chang is getting political tips from Harris County “Judge” Linda Storey. Citizens of our community may well recall the appalling number of Storey campaign signs in the public right-of-way back in 2006. Now Ms. Storey judges others. It’s remarkable.

I think campaign yard signs on public property, or in vacant lots, should be nailed to the side of the candidate’s home.

The Democrat running for District Clerk is Loren Jackson. I strongly support Mr. Jackson. That is until I see one of his signs in a right-of-way. Then I will write a post such as this about Mr. Jackson. Though I have faith such a day will never come.

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