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Giant Killer Eagle May Have Eaten People

An ancient eagle, now sadly extinct, may have eaten people.

The creature was a Haast’s Eagle. Above is an illustration of this beast. 

It lived in New Zealand and became extinct only 500 years ago.  

From The New Zealand Herald

“With a wingspan of up to three metres and weighing 18kg, the female was twice as big as the largest living eagle, the Steller’s sea eagle. And the bird’s talons were as big as a tiger’s claws. It was certainly capable of swooping down and taking a child,” said Paul Scofield, the curator of vertebrate zoology at the Canterbury Museum. “They had the ability to not only strike with their talons but to close the talons and put them through quite solid objects such as a pelvis. It was designed as a killing machine.” Its main prey would have been moa, flightless birds which grew to as much as 250kg and 2.5 metres tall.”

That bird would come down and take your children back to it’s nest.

I’ve been blogging long enough to know that I may get some search engine traffic to the blog from people looking up a giant eagle that lived many years ago and ate people. That’s fine. I’m all for learning about this creature.

But please don’t stop learning with just the freak show. You have a brain—Learn as much as you can.

Here are facts about eagles of the world.   

Here is an excellent resource to learn about birds from Cornell University.

Here is information about New Zealand.

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