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Colonials Get Machine Gun—Think Of The Extra Killing We Could’ve Had Over The Years If Machine Guns Existed During American Revolution

Here’s a picture I found this evening.

Here we see this Revolutionary Era soldier bringing his colleagues a big machine gun.

I imagine that is Paul Revere holding the lantern.

Folks do have the right to own a gun. These are the facts.

My own view is that  gun owners are in many cases are a danger to themselves and others.

I don’t assume that gun ownership makes somebody a bad person. I simply feel that gun ownership and the huge number of guns in America makes society a far more dangerous and brutal place than it would otherwise be.

Do the folks who made this machine gun picture share the Federalist outlook of George Washington that called for a strong central government to combat the failure of state legislatures to effectively govern during the time of the Articles of Confederation?

I wager they do not agree with this outlook.

Instead, these folks seem to enjoy the right to own a gun without accepting the responsibility of paying the taxes needed to have a decent society, or offering any vision for the future other than a loud resounding “NO” to anything that might make people’s lives a little less difficult in these hard times.

Don’t you just wish that people had invented machine guns like the one in the picture back in the 1770’s? Think of all the additional killing that could have gone on over the years, and just how powerful our guns would be today if this was the type of gun used at Lexington & Concord.

And folks, no matter the lies the NRA is telling you so they can rack up more memberships and money, nobody is coming to take your gun.

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Just How Is It The Government Could Come And Take Away Your Gun?

(Blogger’s Note 12/18/12—I wrote this post in 2008 and it is just as true today as it was four years ago. Efforts to restrict the types of guns that led to the Newtown, Connecticut massacre will not stop law abiding folks from owning guns. They will simply lead to fewer crazy massacres of innocent people who are doing no more than going about daily life.)

(Blogger’s Note 1/16/13—Here is a link to President Obama’s sensible gun control orders that he discussed today. These orders will not stop lawful people from having guns.)  

This morning I listened to a radio report about a Barack Obama campaign appearance in Scranton, Pennsylvania. A voter, who seemed friendly enough by the sound of her voice, asked Senator Obama about rumors she had heard that if elected he would take away people’s guns.

I just shook my head when I heard this.

One thing I’ve always wanted to know is just how the government could go about taking people’s guns away?

Let’s say that by some impossible occurrence, the Second Amendment were repealed. This could not happen for real, but let’s just say for purposes of this blog post that it did happen.

Do you think people would just give up their guns?

How about the late Charlton Heston you see in the photo above and the National Rifle Association members he represented? Will they give up their guns because they were instructed to do so?

Do you think this couple in the picture below would just go to voluntary drop-off point and give up that gun they have on the stove? Or hand it over to federal gun collector who rings the door to collect the guns?

( The picture was taken by Kyle Cassidy for his book Armed Americans–Portraits of Gun Owners In Their Homes.)

Or this guy—Would he quit hunting because a law was passed banning guns?

No—Whatever gun control laws passed at the margins of the millions and millions of guns owned in America, none are going to involve going into people’s homes and taking away guns. Do you think Barack Obama is going to be sitting in the Oval Office signing an order to round-up people’s guns?

If we reached the point of government forcing everybody who owns a gun to give it up, we would be in a police state of some kind in any case. Gun owners and the rest of us would be over-matched by the huge weapons and tanks that the government has.

Nobody is coming for your gun. People should be worrying about other stuff. If it is gun issues that are stopping you from voting for Barack Obama, you don’t have much to worry about. The NRA has a vested stake in keeping people hyped-up on this issue. Ask the NRA what they are going to do to get you higher wages or to improve the school your kids attend.

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