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Truman, Morris & Obama—Being Of And Above The People

I’ve long had identification with Harry Truman. Mr. Truman was our last President who did not attend college. He had a personal library of many books. While I did go to college, I’m not, strictly speaking, a white collar worker. And I have many books.

I see Mr. Truman as a man who did the best he could with the knowledge he had. And, also, as a good representative of what average folks can accomplish. He was self-made to a degree, but did not have a chip on his shoulder when it came to helping others. 

In contrast to President Truman, Gouverneur Morris, a delegate to the Constitutional Convention and a Senator from New York, was not a champion of the average person.    

Mr. Morris believed in an aristocracy. I don’t. He also had doubts about the ability of average people to govern themselves. That I can understand.

I’d take Mr. Truman over Mr. Morris any day, but I can see where Mr. Morris was coming from.

Where does this mix leave me with Barack Obama?

I’d say he is the right combination of common origins and elitism to be an effective leader.

Mostly of the people and a little bit above the people at the same time. 

This is at least what I am hoping. 

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