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Voters Of Michigan Say Thanks For Bailouts Like Settlers Thanked Native Americans For Helping Them Survive

Hamburger Wearing An Astros’ Hat, a regular contributor to this blog, is reading the book Boone–A Biography by Robert Morgan.

Boone is a very good book. It shows Daniel Boone as a real person instead of some wild person out in the woods.

All people have complexities. Or–at the least—all people have the potential for complexities if they can avoid intellectual laziness and only seeking out the easiest solutions.

Here is a review of Boone.

Daniel Boone had complex relations with Native Americans. He came into conflict with them at times, but also had unusually strong rapport with many tribes.

Boone–in this case I’m referring to the book—discusses how Native Americans helped white settlers learn how to hunt and trap and helped them survive the long winters.

Look how the natives got repaid.

Reading this last night made think about the voters of Michigan.

The people of Michigan benefited greatly from the bailouts. General Motors is profitable again and many layoffs at auto firms and at related business places were averted.

The voters of Michigan repaid this helpful and proper use of government authority and resources by voting Republican in 2010. Others who gained from the bailout no doubt stayed home on Election Day.

Our national character has both good and bad aspects.

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Labor Day Is An Excellent Day To Recall Flint Sit Down Strikes—Working People Need To Stick Up For One Another

Happy Labor Day.

The picture is from the Flint Sit Down Strikes of  the 1930’s

Auto workers at the General Motors Fisher Body Plant #1  and at other plants sat down on the job and demanded the right to organize.

Imagine today, rather than some of our working brothers and sisters listening to Glenn Beck and other hucksters who tell us to be powerless in the face corporate control of our antion, that these same folks would instead stand up for their rights as working people.

What a better nation we would be living in today if this were the case.

People motivated by anger and fear don’t have the self-respect required to truly look out for themselves and to look out for others.

What they know is anger and fear instead of concern for others and concern for their nation.

Liberals and progressives need to show compassion for such troubled persons. Yet at the same time, we must fight back all the time before these people help ruin the future by handing the county to huge corporations and elected hate mongers to an even larger extent than is already the case in America.

The Detroit News has a site up on the Flint Strikes that you see a small example of in the  picture above.

From that site–

“Before the Depression there were 470,000 auto workers. The number fell by half, as did the wages, which had been reduced from $40 per week to about $20. Because these harsh times still haunted the workers, job security was an important issue. Another bone of contention was the hated “spies” informing on union members. The workers could be fired by any foreman anytime. The work itself — dangerous, difficult, and boring — caused many injuries, often for simple reasons such as lack of gloves. Exertion caused the families extreme exhaustion, which distressed the workers’ families, who shared the fear of possible job loss….”

Historicalvoices.org has an audio gallery recalling the strike and the strikers.

In the end, the strikers got a raise and United Auto Workers was recognized as the bargaining agent  for the workers. This was a victory for all American workers.

Here is a history of the United Auto Workers.

(Below–National Guard outside Flint auto plant during strike. I doubt the strikers had similar weapons.  )

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1961 Advertisement For Air Conditioning In Your Car

Here is the text of a 1961 ad for air conditioning in your car—

Go the healthful way…With Harrison Air Conditioning you breathe air that’s literally washed…cool invigorating air! This refreshing atmosphere helps take the tension out of everyday traffic…the stress and strain out of all-day trips. What’s more, you’ll enjoy refreshing new relief from pollen and other air-borne irritants. Go the neat way–Harrison Air Conditioning eliminates excess humidity…clothes hold for a sharp press, collars never wilt, hair keeps that combed-and-brushed freshness. Go the clean way–You car’s interior can be as spick-and-span as your living room. With Harrison Air Conditioning you lock out dirt, grime and insects….you knock out the road and wind noise that disturbs radio listening and conversation. So for a healthier, neater and cleaner way for you to go for you and your family…ask you GM Dealer for Harrison Air Conditioning in your new Cadillac, Buick, Oldsmobile, Pontiac or Chevrolet.”

( Photo above is of a 1961 Pontiac Tempest.)

Here is a link to a print ad for Harrison air conditioning in your car from 1959. 

Here is some history of air conditioning in automobiles. A few cars had air conditioning as far back as 1939. 

I read this ad and I thought what a bunch of hype. But then I gave some thought of what it must have been like driving without air conditioning in your car in Texas, Florida, Arizona or on a hot day anywhere. It must have been something along the lines of a revelation to get air conditioning in your car after years without it.

The text of the ad that I quoted above comes from the book The Golden Age of of Advertising—the 60’s. This book is published by Taschen.

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