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Instead of Being Dumped, Ideas And Things Of Value Should Be Treated With Regard


Above are some Christmas Trees I saw in Houston a few days ago.

Surely it is so that our feelings about Christmas and about holiday traditions merit more than just tossing these trees out into the dump.

These trees could have been composted.

Ideas and things that have value to us should be treated with respect.

This is true of Christmas Trees and of so many things.

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Dramatic Picture Shows Hillary Clinton Reclaiming Lost Ground Among Democrats

A few days ago on this blog I ran the picture below and commented on eroding support among Democrats for Hillary Clinton— 

With Hillary Clinton winning the New Hampshire primary this evening, I feel it is only fair to run a picture showing her reclaiming some of the lost ground—

Now if you think  I’m suggesting that Mrs. Clinton’s talk about representing a new way of doing things is garbage—Well, I’ll let you decide for yourself what I’m suggesting.

In any case, Mrs. Clinton did well this evening in New Hampshire.

Please click here for my post calling the 2008 race for the White House for Barack Obama. I stick by that prediction.    

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