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Top Texas Political Blogger Photographed With Fruit, Dolls & Books

Here is a Texas Liberal exclusive.

That’s me—the leading political blogger in Texas and in all America—holding a fruit salad I made this evening.

I wish I could make a giant fruit salad for all my blog readers.

Above me you see my Franklin Roosevelt, Andrew Jackson and George W. Bush dolls.

I play with them all the time. I have F.D.R and Old Hickory kick Mr. Bush around.   

You also see two drawings of Martin Luther King watching over me.

Please click here for the best Martin Luther King reading list on the web.

Look at all the books behind me. 

Have I read them all?

I’ll never tell. 

In addition to this blog, you can find me as one of eight featured politcal bloggers at the Houston Chronicle  and at Where’s The Outrage? which posts out of North Carolina.

Where’s The Outrage is the home of the Dr. Errington Thompson podcast.

Thank you for reading Texas Liberal!

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