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They Do Appear To Have Corndogs In Argentina—But Not Funnel Cakes

Above is a menu of offerings that I saw last week at the Houston International Festival.

The sign suggests that people in Argentina eat Fried Snickers and Fried Oreos. It suggests that they eat jumbo corn dogs.

Except….I just Googled the words “corn dogs argentina” and this is what I saw on Wikipedia.

“In Argentina they are called panchukers and are sold mostly around train stations, and are more popular in the inner country cities. They are often consumed on the street, and may contain cheese. They are served with a number of sauces.”

All righty.

Yes–I did see the recent story about how much wrong information can be found on Wikipedia.

I’m going to trust them though on at least this aspect of corn dogs.

Now I’ve Googled “funnel cake argentina.”

This is what I found on a website called Wordreference.com from a person who gave his or her city as Buenos Aires

“Does anyone know exactly what a funnel cake is?
I’m not sure about the spelling..”

So funnel cakes may not be big in Argentina.

Here are facts about funnel cakes.

Here are some facts about what folks in Argentina eat.  

I go to the Houston International Fesitval each year.

The festival concludes its two weekend annual run this weekend.

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