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Terrible Coleslaw—Food Safety

File:KFC coleslaw.JPG

Recently, I brought home what had to be worst coleslaw ever.

(Above—Close-up of coleslaw.)

It was ready-made coleslaw that came in a tub that I bought at the supermarket.

My father says I’m crazy to buy this stuff. He says I’m just asking to get sick when I eat this stuff.

Still—It looked like it might be good and it is so easy to prepare.

You just scoop it out the tub and plop it on the plate.

My wife and I took one or two bites of this coleslaw and we could not imagine how bad it tasted.

I don’t know that it was a bad batch since I’ve not heard of an outbreak of coleslaw related disease—It was just awful.

My wife said that instead of calling it coleslaw that it should have been called “grosslaw.”

Grosslaw–Ha! I’ve been saying that word in my mind now for days. I’m so glad that I have a blog and that I can write the word “Grosslaw” on my blog for others to see.

Here is a history of coleslaw. It seems that some variation of coleslaw has been eaten ever since the Roman times.

Here is a link to many coleslaw and cabbage salad recipes

Even if the batch of coleslaw the wife and I had was not enough to make us sick, it is always good to know about food safety. 

Here are some excellent food safety tips from the Department of Agriculture.

Below are four essentials of food safety—

  • Clean — Wash hands and surfaces often.
  • Separate — Don’t cross-contaminate.
  • Cook — Cook to proper temperatures.
  • Chill — Refrigerate promptly.
  •  Here is the Food Safety Information Center at the National Agriculture Library of the Agriculture Department. 

    Here is a list of steps the Obama administration is taking to improve food safety as reported by Ag Weekly.

    Please take the needed steps to be certain that the food you eat and the food you prepare for others is safe.

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