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Staying The Course

Here is a picture I took of a ship in the Houston Ship Channel.

As I sometimes say on a busy day, I’m staying the course.

While today is a perfectly fine day, ships moving forward on the Houston Ship Channel make the point that we can stay the course even in polluted waters.

We live in a big metaphoric world.

There are flowers in this picture of the Houston Ship Channel.

That is Houston for you.

A big subtropical industrial city where metaphor and the physical world give each other substance.

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I Made The Sun Look Like A Flower

I took this picture of the sun a few days ago, and I made it look like a flower.

I don’t know why it turned out that way.

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Flowers And A Bird—Please Have A Great Spring Weekend

It is Easter weekend and Passover and whatever else it is that you would like it to be.

I hope you are getting some time with family and friends. Or time alone if that is what sails your ship.

I thought a good post for such a hopeful spring weekend would involve flowers and a bird.

Below are some flowers from the nice Bayou Bend Gardens in Houston.

Here are facts about flowers. 

I don’t know what kind of flowers they are, but they are quite colorful.

Below is a picture of a cardinal that I took in Cincinnati last month.

I was sitting in a city park eating a White Castle cheeseburger when I saw that bird. Cities are great for having nature and cheeseburgers all in proximity to one another.

Here are facts about birds.  Here are facts about cardinals. 

Have a great weekend and please drive safely.

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Picture Of Corpse Flower At Houston Science Museum

Here we have a picture I took on the afternoon of July 14 of the so-called corpse flower that is at the Houston Museum of Natural Science.

(Update–You can go to the museum blog I link to below for the latest report. They have a twitter feed on the side of the blog as well that has some information.)

The police officer is there in case the flower starts to attack people.

You can access a webcam of the flower from the museum web page.

The corpse flower will smell like rotten flesh when it blooms.

The Houston Chronicle ran a story of this flower.

From the Chronicle story–

“The corpse flower is so rare that only 28 have ever been known to bloom in the United States. The 29th is poised to open any day now at the Houston Museum of Natural Science. The lime-green bud, which resembles an oversized endive, was nearing 5 feet tall on Wednesday in the museum’s Cockrell Butterfly Center and has been growing about 4 inches a day. Cockrell director Nancy Greig says it could open Friday or by early next week. Once open, the corpse flower will last about two days…As its common name warns, the corpse flower is a smelly thing, with the withering stench of rotting flesh. As the spathe begins to unfurl, the spadix becomes a gas chamber, heating its natural oil and emitting noxious fumes for eight to 12 hours to attract pollinating carrion beetles.”

Here is the Houston Science Museum blog about the plant.

Here is a photo essay on the flower from the Houston Chronicle. It has all the pictures you need of this flower.

Here are some basic facts about flowers.

I know this plant has a freak show value, and I’ve got nothing against a freak show, but wanting to see this corpse plant could also be a good time to learn the basics about all types of flowers.

All knowledge is connected.

Below is what the flower will look like after it blooms.

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Does Anybody Know What Type Of Flowers Are In The Picture?

Does any member of the blog reading public know what kind of flowers these are?

The flowers you see above live in Downtown Houston. I took this picture last week.

These flowers smell nice when they bloom, and I’d like to know what they are called.

Thanks in advance to anybody who can help out.

Here is a link to some facts about flowers.

(Below–A picture of a flower called Retama del Teide. This flower lives in the Canary Islands. The photograph was taken by Jorg Hempel.)

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If I Surprise My Wife With Flowers, Maybe She’ll Forget What A Bastard I Am

If I surprise my wife with flowers, maybe she’ll forget what a bastard I am.

It is nothing specific I have done. I am just no damned good.

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Ghost Of Cesar Chavez Demands Proper Train Crossing Signal At Ave. B & Cesar Chavez—Flowers Framed By Passing Train

This afternoon I stopped at Munoz’s Flowers at the intersection of Avenue B and Cesar Chavez here in Houston.

I bought some flowers for my wife.

After I bought the flowers and as I was getting in my car, I heard a loud train whistle.

Above you see the train that came and the flowers I bought.

As they train passed by, kids in a school bus stopped for the train yelled out the window of the bus asking who was getting the flowers.

I told them they were for my wife.

That seemed to meet the approval of the kids.

There is no gate and flashing lights to warn people about oncoming trains at the intersection of Avenue B and Cesar Chavez.

If this railroad crossing was in a more wealthy area—Which I understand it would not likely be—there would have been a gate and flashing lights.

One man driving a pick-up truck cut it very close driving across the tracks as the train approached.

If the ghost of Cesar Chavez had been at that intersection, he would have pleaded with the man in the pick-up to wait for the train. Also, I’m certain that the ghost of Cesar Chavez would be working hard to get a proper signal at that location.

Some lives have more value than others. At least in the eyes of some.

Here is information on the life of Cesar Chavez.

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I Do Bring You Flowers


I don’t have time for a post of any length today, but I do have time to offer you this gift of a picture of technicolor flowers.

Here are the lyrics to “You Don’t Bring Me Flowers.” 

You dont bring me flowers
You dont sing me love songs
You hardly talk to me anymore
When you come thru the door
At the end of the day

Blog reading public—Though I don’t have much time today, I still care. I’ll be back with you very soon!

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