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You Walk Away And When You Come Back You Are Flooded

You park your car and when you come back you are flooded.

This is a picture I took in all the rain we’ve seen in Houston in the past few hours.

I’m feeling a bit like this myself.

I got distracted today and am behind on a few things.

Either you run the blog or the blog runs you.

The helpful thing is that the world is filled with metaphoric and allegorical material that is around for all to see and consider.

Hopefully you’ll see the results of the things that are keeping my attention here on the blog in the weeks ahead.

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Sometimes You’ve Got To Turn Around

Sometimes you’ve got to turn around.

Picture of SUV at the edge of a flooding Ohio River in Cincinnati earlier this month.

(Photo copyright 2011 Neil Aquino.)

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Vote Yes On Renew Houston—Though If They Fix Flooding Like They Run A Campaign….

Renew Houston is Proposition 1 in Houston on the November ballot.

This initiative will levy a fee of property owners to address wastewater runoff issues in Houston and help curb flooding.

The issue is being pushed by engineers who will profit from the program.

Yet at the same time, flooding is a big deal in Houston. Many people in all parts of the city  would benefit from this concern being addressed.

I support Proposition 1 because I believe it will create jobs and manage flooding.

This is an issue you should spend some time pondering for yourself. It involves a lot of money over many years to possibly fix a big problem. It is an issue with both strong pros and cons. I personally feel the good outweighs the bad on this question. However, this is the type of concern that defies easy ideological characterization.

Here is the Renew Houston web home.

The Houston Chronicle supports Proposition 1.

My fellow blogger Charles Kuffner backs Issue 1.

Here is a Houston Chronicle article detailing the views of those who oppose the issue.

While I am for Proposition One, special note must be made of how poorly this campaign has been conducted by Renew Houston boosters.

Renew Houston has picked a needless and avoidable fight with the Houston Independent School Board.

Renew Houston has also engaged in an unnecessarily angry dispute with some black members of the Houston City Council.

If Renew Houston “fixes” flooding with the same skills they have shown in running a campaign, you see below what our streets in Houston would look like.

If they fix flooding like they run a campaign, we will all be underwater.

(Downtown Houston after Tropical Storm Allison in 2001.)

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