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McDonald’s Lovin’ It When China Wins

The New York Times reports McDonald’s has an Olympic ad campaign in China that says they are “Lovin’ it when China wins.”

We know McDonald’s will say anything that works to sell more of their rotten food. They don’t care about any dictatorship–They care about new markets. 

(Please click here for a review of the book Fast Food Nation which discusses at length the ecological and economic harm done by American fast food outlets.)

Along with large corporations that by definition will look the other way at the brutality of the Chinese dictatorship, much of the fault here also lies with American consumers who don’t care where and how the stuff they buy and consume is manufactured and produced.

And who don’t care that the people of China lack political freedom.

My own buying habits would not stand up to review on this question. I’m willing to pay more for things that are ecologically sound, or not produced in a dictatorship or a sweatshop, but I make little or no effort to find such items.

I’m going to look at questions of more responsible consumption more carefully in upcoming posts. While it is right and needed to criticize  corporations who enable dictatorships around the world, in the end it will be our own actions that will make the difference.

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Photo Of Grounded Golden Arches

Here is a picture I took in Cincinnati last month of the McDonald’s golden arches brought low.

This was in the East Walnut Hills neighborhood of Cincinnati.

Taking this picture, I imagined that the people of this community had finally become enraged they were being poisoned with the unhealthful Big Macs and McRibs sold at the McDonalds.

I imagined the people had come and torn down the golden arches.

Sadly, I don’t think this was the case.

Here is a review of the book Fast Food Nation which discusses the fast food industry.  It is not a fully flattering picture.

Here is the Fast Food Nutrition Explorer.  It seems that the Hardee’s 2/3 pound bacon Thickburger is not very good for you.

Here is the link to a picture I took last year of a giant Kentucky Fried Chicken bucket. This post gets hits every single day. I’m not sure why, but it does.    


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Photo Of Huge Kentucky Fried Chicken Bucket & Link To Fast Food Nation

Here is a picture of a big Kentucky Fried Chicken bucket/sign I took in Cincinnati this last summer.

Here is a link to how bad it is to eat Kentucky Fried Chicken posted on a website connected to the Lebanese military.

Here is a link to a review of the book Fast Food Nation by Eric Schlosser.

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