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Houston Republican Councilmember Costello Hosting Screening Of Film About Street Artists At Taxpayer-Subsidized Downtown Movie House—Eric Dick Is Vindicated

Republican Houston City Councilmember is hosting a movie screening of a documentary called Stick Em’ Up.

This movie about so-called street artists here in Houston. The event is to be held at the taxpayer-subsidized Sundance Cinema in Downtown Houston on Tuesday, September 18. Here are details if you like to attend.

Here is a description of the movie from the Stick Em’ Up Facebook page—-

“Stick ‘Em Up! is a captivating film that explores the little-known world of wheat pasting, an inner-city art form that’s as provocative as it is misunderstood. Documentary filmmaker Alex Luster delves into the minds and motivations behind some of Houston’s most notorious guerilla street artists, capturing the lifespan of their art… conception, creation, placement and – ultimately – removal by the city’s abatement enforcement….”

It sure is something that “notorious guerilla street artists” can find a platform at a taxpayer-subsidized movie house and with the help of a Republican City Councilmember.

The revolution must be much closer than I had dared hope.

With one exception that I’ll discuss in a later post, I really don’t care that persons are engaged in street art or graffiti or whatever you wish to call it.

Everyday people are all out and about littering and polluting the air and befouling the world in so many ways. Graffiti is in many ways just what we merit for how we so often treat our surroundings.

But I also recall the criticism and scorn that my friend Eric Dick received for his quite comprehensive sign campaign in his unsuccessful 2011 Houston City Council bid.

I felt last year that the Republican Dick had run an honest effort in many ways even if I was not inclined to vote for him.

I’ll bet a dollar that many of the folks who did not like Eric’s signs are quite at home at the Downtown artsy movie house watching a movie about street artists.

I’m not going to go on with some rant that people should stop painting and plastering stuff on city streets. Nobody would listen to me if I did.

I’ll just say that the best and most well-known street artist in Houston is none other than Eric Dick. Below you see a picture I took of one his top 2011 efforts.

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Liberal & Progressive Options For 2011 Houston City Council—Eric Dick Tells You Who He Is

I early voted a few hours ago in our Houston 2011 city elections.

Above are campaign signs that were across the street from the polling place.

The man with the dark hair on the other side of that Eric Dick sign near the center of the picture is none other than Council position #2 candidate  Eric Dick. It is not very good picture of Eric–But it is him.

I’ve met Eric twice and have had nice conversations with him each time.

I’m not going to vote for the guy and his placement of signs all over Houston this year has been a misdeed.

Yet I can’t muster any anger at Eric. He has been so brazen in his actions that I just have to laugh. And, unlike so many others running for municipal office in Houston in 2011, Eric makes it clear he is a Republican. He does not hide his party affiliation.

Eric Dick tells you right up front who he is.

With early voting down to the last few days and General Election Day next Tuesday, here is a reposting of my liberal and progressive endorsements for the Houston municipal ballot —

It is time for our Houston municipal elections.

Early voting runs October 24-November 4. General Election Day is November 8.

Here is a link to help you find out where to vote.

Who can a liberal or progressive support in these elections?

As is so often the case in Houston, the pickings are slim. Continue reading

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City Of Houston Campaign Sign Crackdown—My Two Favorite Signs

Houston Mayor Annise Parker says the city will be cracking down on campaign signs that are placed improperly.

Having a campaign war chest  of more than $2 million helps you take the high road when dealing with candidates who have far less money.

That’s a measure of sarcasm on my part.

In fact—I’ve been on the patrol for improperly placed campaign signs myself. I’ve contributed a number of pictures to the Empty Lot Primary blog of signs in vacant lots and in the public right-of-way.

You might ask—“Which two pictures have you enjoyed the most?”

I will show you.

Below is a Bolivar Fraga sign that I took a picture of just yesterday. Showing this sign on the blog allows me to also show you all that fine public art on that blocked-up storefront.

Showing you this picture also permits me to say again that Houston City Council At -Large #2 candidate Bolivar Fraga tells Democrats that he is a Democrat and tells Republicans that he is a Republican.

And then– of course—we have this classic Eric Dick sign.

The Republican Mr. Dick is running in the same race as is Mr. Fraga.

We’ll see in the weeks ahead if the City of Houston is really serious about this effort.

(Both photos copyright Neil Aquino 2011) 

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Eric Dick Running For Houston City Council Position # 2

Last week I had dinner with Houston At-Large Position 2 Houston City Council candidate Eric Dick.

Eric is a Republican running for an open seat.

Above you see Eric eating some type of Korean stew.

While I will not be voting for Eric, he is willing to meet and talk with people all over our city.

He sat and talked with me even though I have criticized him in a previous post.

Eric is out on the campaign trail and has an enthusiasm for Houston.

Eric and I talked about his race and about his views on city issues.

Eric is conservative and I don’t think he is the best person running for seat #2. I regret the large number of campaign signs he has placed all over Houston.

But I do appreciate the effort Eric is making.

I wish Eric safe travels as he meets with a wide cross-section of Houston voters.

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Empty Lot Primary Posting Pictures Of Political Signs In Vacant Lots In Houston

The Empty Lot Primary is a new blog that offers up pictures of political signs found posted on vacant lots and like-places in Houston.

Anybody can submit a picture to this blog.

Empty Lot Primary was started by Houston blogger Greg Wythe of Greg’s Opinion.

The picture above is one that I contributed to Empty Lot Primary.

The Eric Dick for Houston City Council campaign has many signs all over our city.

Why would anybody support a candidate for public office who has such disrespect for proper conduct?

I will be submitting pictures for Empty Lot Primary between now and the November city elections.

If I see a sign in a vacant lot for any of the few candidates that I can tolerate, I will be extra certain to get the picture.

I expect more from people who should know better.

People should proceed correctly.

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