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Pictures From November 2nd Occupy Houston March In Downtown Houston

I took part in an Occupy Houston march this afternoon in Downtown Houston. A purpose of the march was to offer support for Iraq veteran and Occupy protestor Scott Olsen. Mr. Olsen was seriously wounded by police in Oakland at an Occupy Oakland demonstration. This peaceful march in Downtown Houston during the lunch hour also had the salutary effect of showing the flag for Occupy Houston and Occupy Wall Street, as we continue to turn the tide in the national public debate.

Below are pictures I took of this march.

Here we have people demonstrating at a Chase Bank facility Downtown. While Occupy protesters are being arrested in some places in our great nation, the financial interests that had so much to do with our current recession run free.

Below are Occupy Houston demonstrators appropriately in the shadow of —and enjoying the protections afforded by— the Flag of Texas and the Flag of the United States of America. Fair play and First Amendment protections for all are the embodiment of the best aspirations of Texans and of the American people.

Below is an Occupy Houston marcher in the shadow of one of the former Enron towers. The former Enron tower is that big blue glass building. The sign says that Houston police officers and Harris County sheriff’s deputies are part of the 99% of working people. I know I have no gripe with the majority of law enforcement officers. I figure they are everyday people with a tough job.

And finally we have two freedom loving Americans who took part in Occupy Houston today.

Here is the Occupy Houston website.

Here is the Occupy Wall Street website.

We are the 99% and we all have the ability to work hard and to take responsibility for our futures. Don’t let big money buy our politicians and erode our democracy and our freedoms. Don’t be a bystander while others determine your fate.

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Reading About The Panic Of 1873 In Front Of The Enron Building

This video is called Reading About The Panic of 1873 While In Front Of The Former Enron Building. It is the second video on the blog. This video is about three minutes long.

Please click here to see the first video on this blog.

I view the ability for average person to make a video as an updated kind of folk art. Here are various definitions of folk art. One idea of folk art is people without any artistic training creating something with the tools they have at hand.

All people are able to express themselves in some creative way.

Here is information about the impact of the Panic of 1873 in New York. This article discusses what the 1873 crisis had in common with the current economic distress. 

There were issues of banks and credit and greedy speculation.  

Here is a good essay about the impact of the Panic of 1873 in Illinois.    

Here is the Panic of 1873 for kids from PBS.

The book I read from in the video is The Age of Lincoln by Orville Burton. 

Here is a chronology of Enron events from USA Today

Here are a series of articles about Enron from the Houston Chronicle.

Here is a history of Enron from the Canadian Broadcasting Company.

In the video, the sun is partially on my big head while the other portion of my head is in shadow. This makes my head somewhat like this drawing of the Earth—Part light and part dark. Here is an explanation of daylight.  Here is an explanation of night time on the Earth.

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