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Time To Catch The Flying Flat Boat Back To Texas

It is time to catch the flying flat boat for the return trip from Cincinnati to Houston.

Often this flight traces the route of the Ohio and Mississippi Rivers

Picture is of Ohio River from Cincinnati’s Eden Park this afternoon.

Peace and blessings to all.

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Bend In The River

Here is a bend in the Ohio River as seen from Eden Park in Cincinnati, Ohio. I took this photo yesterday afternoon.

It was a nice day.

Though I’ve lived up north for 30 of my 43 years, it’s interesting to be in a place where you can feel summer waning even if just to small degree. This feeling makes you value the day all the more.

Every day has value.

I’d also like to please note that this is post number 2,500 at Texas Liberal. Thanks to everybody who has read the blog.

(Photo copyright 2011 Neil Aquino.)

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When Will Government Get Out Of Our Lives?—Socialism In Clear View

Above is a picture I took two days ago in Cincinnati’s Eden Park.

Look at all the ways government intrudes in our lives.

Government tells us we are at the corner of Alpine and St. Paul.

Maybe we feel we are someplace else.

The government just wants us to think we are at the corner of Alpine and St. Paul.

Government tells us this is a one way street.

What about hard-working, English-speaking, tax-paying Americans who want to go another way down this street? 

First they tell us what we can do in our very own cars. Next they will harvest our organs for a United Nations organ bank.

The government wants us to stop at a certain place on the road.

What if this is not the place we wish to stop?

Should not free citizens be able to employ their superior knowledge of traffic management to know just the right place where they should stop?

Government says we can not turn left between noon and ten on Sunday. 

Where is that restriction in the Constitution?

Sunday is the sabbath. What if God directs me to turn left at Alpine and St. Paul in the middle of the afternoon on a Sunday?

If you look at the top of the stone wall near the pole of the traffic sign, you see that the stone wall was built by the New Deal Works Progress Administration in 1941.


When will the Cincinnati Tea Party come to tear down this wall and build a new one with citizen-volunteer labor?

How have the people of Cincnnati allowed this socialism to stand in clear view for 70 years? 

When will government get out of our lives?

( Photo copyright 2011 by Neil Aquino)

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Going Upstream

With this post is a picture of a barge laboring upstream on the Ohio River.

I took this picture yesterday from the Eden Park overlook in Cincinnati.

The river is a few feet above flood stage at the moment, and it is difficult for barges to go upstream. There are strong currents in the river.

All of us are going upstream in one way or another.

Without forgetting the role of circumstance in life, since it is beyond your powers to control a flooding river, and without forgetting that it takes a team of people to run a ship, you will simply have to press on against strong currents.

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Not Needed

Sometimes what you have to sell is not what people need at the moment.

This picture was taken last week in Cincinnati’s Eden Park.

Photo copyright Neil Aquino.

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Cincinnati Snow

It is snowing today in much of the nation. It has been snowing today in Cincinnati, Ohio.

With this post are two pictures of the snow I took today in Cincinnati’s Eden Park.

In one picture you see the park. In the other picture, you see the Ohio River. On the opposite side of the river is Kentucky.

It is nice that I live in Houston where it is most often quite warm. It is also good to have a chance to visit Cincinnati twice a year and to sometimes see snow.

Seeing different things keeps your mind sharp.

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Singing Simple Gifts At Cincinnati’s Eden Park Overlook

Here is a video of me singing the 1848 Shaker hymn Simple Gifts at the Eden Park Overlook in Cincinnati. The video runs 30 seconds.

Here is a link to more information about this classic American song. At this link I recite all the lyrics to Simple Gifts while a ship passes behind me on Galveston Island, Texas.    

It is a gift to be simple.

It is a gift to be free. 

To bow and to bend I won’t be ashamed.

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1569 Views A Day For 2009 And 600,000 Total—Thank You Blog Reading Public

For 2009, I set a goal of 1500 page views a day for Texas Liberal. In 2008, I had 912 a day.

(Above is a picture of the Ohio River I took from the Eden Park Overlook in Cincinnati two years ago. Cincinnati is my home away from home.)

So far for 2009, I’m averaging 1569 page views a day.

Also, yesterday Texas Liberal went over 600,000 total page views.

I’m also a featured politics reader-blogger at the Houston Chronicle.

Thanks to the blog reading public for the support and for your comments.

If you like this blog, please forward the link. A blog grows one reader at a time.

(Below–Galveston, Texas. Another home away from home.)


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Photo Of Ohio River From Eden Park Overlook In Cincinnati

Here is a photo of the Ohio River I took from the Eden Park overlook in Cincinnati. I took this picture last July.

Here is information about Eden Park. 

I was thinking about our great inland rivers this morning because I have started to read Mark Twain–A Life by Ron Powers.

The Ohio River and Twain’s Mississippi River connect in Cairo, Illinois.

We are all connected as well.   

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