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Dorelia In A Black Dress By Gwen John

Above is the painting  Dorelia in a Black Dress. It was completed in 1904 by Gwen John.

If I could paint someone’s face in a way that conveyed so much about a person, I would be very glad. That’s an ability that allows you to create something that lasts for a long time.  Look how I am writing about this painting 105 years after its completion. I feel that I know something about Dorelia though she is long dead.    

There are many different ways to communicate. This blog is one way.  The painting above is another way. We all have ways to communicate that suit us best. Each way has value. Often when we communicate we are expressing optimism that we have something to say, and that others are worth the time and effort that communication requires. 

Here is information about Gwen John.  She was Welsh and lived 1876-1939.  

Here are a number of paintings by Gwen John.

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