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Door That Serves No Apparent Purpose

In the spirit of my post a few days back about staircases to nowhere, here is a door that does not appear to serve a clear purpose.

I took this picture two weeks ago.

It is late and I have a busy day tomorrow so I don’t have any metaphor to offer up as to the meaning of the door.

This door is part of the hurrricane dam that protects Downtown Providence, Rhode Island.

Here is a post I wrote about this structure back in 2008. 

Hopefully the dam will not be required to deal with Hurricane Irene as it moves up the east coast.

(Photo copyright 2011 Neil Aquino.)

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Door To Open Door Mission Is Closed

The door to the Open Door Mission on Harrisburg Blvd. in Houston is closed.

I’m not saying that this place does not do good work or that the door is closed for a good reason.

It is not out of business.

I’m simply saying that the door to the Open Door Mission is in this picture quite closed and locked.

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