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The Choices We Are Given

Here is a picture I took on a Houston street a few days ago that seems metaphoric of many things in life.

You are offered two options so long as you stop and realize that one of the options is a dead end.

Often we are told we have a choice, but in practical terms we have no choice at all.

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Some Things In Life Are Clear Enough

The three pictures above are from places I’ve been in the past year.

The top picture is from Newport, Rhode Island.

The middle picture is from right here at home in Houston.

The bottom picture is from Cincinnati.

(All pictures copyright Neil Aquino.) 

While the signs in the picture may well have helped somebody, they all pointed to issues that were clear enough.

Not everything in life is in plain view.

But when something is made clear enough, it should not be so hard to respond.

So many things in our day-to-day lives are clear enough.

Yet so often people fail to get the message and fail to respond.

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Sometimes You Don’t Need A Sign To Know You Are Nearing A Dead End

Sometimes you don’t  need a sign to know you are nearing a dead end.

Sometimes it is obvious enough.

I took this picture in Houston not far from the Houston Ship Channel.

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