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National Cash Register Sneaks Off To Georgia—The Advantages Of Treating People Like Dirt For 200 Years

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The National Cash Register (NCR) company is relocating it’s corporate headquarters from Dayton, Ohio to Georgia.

For many years NCR made cash registers. Today they also make, among other things, ATM machines  and barcode scanners.

An additional profit center for the company is scamming tax-breaks from taxpayers as NCR moves jobs from a community that has long supported the company.

( Above–Dayton, Ohio. Please click here to learn about visiting Dayton.)

National Cash Register has been in Dayton since 1884. Dayton will lose over 1,200 jobs because of the move.

After all those years in Dayton, and despite the job losses in an already suffering community,NCR officials would not even return the phone calls of officials in Dayton and with the State of Ohio.

Georgia’s conservative Republican Governor Sonny Perdue offered NCR a $60 million package of incentives.

I’m sure Governor Perdue would not call it socialism.

The CEO of NCR, Bill Nuti, said that the cost of living in Georgia had some impact on the decision to relocate the firm.

It’s a wonder what 200 years of racial apartheid, keeping your white folks uneducated, offering poor government services and union busting can do for your economic climate.

Here is a viewpoint on Governor Perdue’s recent backing of a Confederate History/Heritage Month in Georgia. 

Here is an excellent report on the economic fate of Dayton from a diary on Daily Kos.  The factory jobs are gone and no realistic replacement for these jobs exists.    

Will President Obama ever question and challenge our economic system to the point where we have jobs for the jobless and where we stop poaching jobs from one state to another based on unfair advantages and secret deals?

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