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Gene Locke Has Campaign Signs In Illegal Places & Consorts With Gay Bashers

Houston Mayoral candidate Gene Locke puts his campaign signs everywhere.

Above are some that have popped up like mushrooms.

( Here is a link to a U. of Illinois horticulturist writing about how the limit the spread of mushrooms on your lawn. Gene Locke could stop of the spread of his signs by simply being a good citizen of our community.)

The signs in the picture may well be legally-placed. However ,the Locke campaign has signs on highway overpasses all over the city.

I saw such signs last week on 45 South headed to Galveston.

I saw them again today on 45 North headed to the airport.

I wish I had a picture of the highway signs, but it did not seem a good idea to take pictures while driving on the highway.

Though if you have been on our highways in Houston, maybe you have seen these signs.

Such signs are illegal and will cost taxpayer dollars to remove.

It is not just that Mr. Locke has campaign signs where they should not be, it is also that he consorts with gay bashers.

My fellow Houston blogger, David Ortez, found that anti-gay activist Dave Wilson has given $2000 to the Locke campaign.

Mr. Locke very much wants the support of local gay-bashers.

Is there anything decent and hopeful about the Locke campaign?

If there is, Mr. Locke has kept it well-hidden.

If only he would keep his campaign signs well-hidden.

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David Ortez Does Good Job Blogging About Houston Politics

File:HoustonCityHall DANIEL2986.jpg

Some good local blog coverage of Houston politics is being done by David Ortez.

(Above–Houston City Hall. Here is some good history of Houston City Hall at City Mayors.com. City Mayors is well worth checking out—You’ll find a lot of information world cities and the people who run them.)    

Not only is David running a fine blog, I met David for the first time a few days ago and he was not annoying. David was okay and I hope to see him again soon.

David writes the blog David Ortez–A Political/Social Thought Blog.

That is pretty good naming the blog after yourself. I never considered that when I started Texas Liberal. Seeing how David has named his blog, I wish I had given that idea some thought.

David is going to work hard in the campaign season ahead to inform you–the blog reading public–about our races for Mayor of Houston and Houston City Council. Please check out what he is doing and offer him your support.

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