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Big Orange Construction Spool That Mirrors Art—Objects Have Many Functions And Purposes At The Same Time

One of these orange things I took a picture of in Houston’s Memorial Park a few days ago is public art.

The other orange thing is part of a construction project.

Though the giant orange spool does not seem far away from also being art of a kind.

Below is a picture of a marine propeller that I took in Galveston back in March.

This propeller is now as fully functional for its revised purpose as it was when it was on a ship.

Objects can have more than one purpose at once. A legitimate purpose of a thing can be a quality or a function for it that we imagine.

Things have both a “solid” and a metaphorical value. Shadow and substance are in the end the same.

Look around at stuff you see each day and think about it in new ways.

At the least, thinking about old things in new ways might make the routine more interesting and enjoyable.

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Well-Detailed Poster Conveying Both Specifics And Abstractions

Above is a poster I saw yesterday at a construction site in the area of Rice University.

I enjoyed very much the clear illustrated instructions about what you should wear at the construction site.

The rules are right there on a big poster. That is what you need to wear on the job.

I feel also that the poster has an aesthetic value. It well-conveys the energy and force one might associate with construction work.

This poster has value both in the solid rules to be followed at the workplace, and in abstractly conveying the nature of the work taking place.

There is a lot to ponder and learn about in things we see each day.

Here are some detailed rules from the Occupational Safety & Health Administration pertaining to safety at work sites.

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