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Anti-Muslim Leader Seeks Re-Election In Indian State Of Gujarat


An election in India is commanding some international attention.

In the Indian state of Gujarat, BJP Chief Minister Narendra Modi is seeking another mandate.

The voting is taking place at the current time.

The BJP, a former ruling party of India, is, in essence, a Hindu nationalist party. They are of the political right.

Here is the link to the BJP of Gujarat. 

Here is a link to the Congress Party of India. Congress is the governing party of India and the opposition party in Gujarat. 

Mr. Modi was in office when Hindus killed many Muslims in riots in 2002 in Gujarat. It is claimed Mr. Modi looked the other way as the violence took place.

Over 50 million people live in Gujarat.

Mr. Modi is expected to retain his office in Gujarat, though possibly with a reduced majority.  

Fighting between religions is against the vision of a united India held by Gandhi.  

People will vote for leaders who have done very bad things. This is true all around the world.

( Update–12/23/07—The BJP won a strong showing of 117 of the 182 seats in the Gujarat assembly.  Here is a report on the election from India.) 

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