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Why Not Show Some Valentine’s Day Love And Respect For Your Fellow Working Person?

Valentine’s Day 2012 is Tuesday, February 14.

If you have a Valentine or not is your concern alone. The gender of that person is your concern alone.

I’m not like these conservatives out there prying into your bedroom and your personal life in the name of limited government and personal liberty.

My Valentine’s message here is that we show some love for each other as working people.

Above is a picture I took last week of a well-done display to sell Coca-Cola products at a nationally known drug store chain.

That display took some hours of a person’s life to get right.  All that Coke was delivered to the store by a working person driving a truck. Many working people had a hand in making that display possible.

The things that everyday working people get right have value. The hours of our lives have value.

The respect we show for others as everyday working people is a measure of the respect we have for ourselves.

Let’s treat each other well as working people. Leave good tips for good service. Treat people as you would wish to be treated. Understand that the frontline person you are taking with is not the same person who set the company policy that you are frustrated with at a given moment. Understand that labor has the right to organize and to insist on fair treatment.

We are not powerless. We have the everyday ablity to respect others and to respect ourselves. We can make life better for ourselves and others if we each make the decision to work together for a more fair and just society.

Happy Valentine’s Day to all.

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