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Burma Cyclone & Links To Burmese Bloggers

Cyclone Nargis has killed at least 22,000 people in Burma. There is fear the death toll will reach 50,000.

5/9/08–The death toll is rising and aid efforts have been resisted by the Burmese government.

5/12/08—United Nations frustrated by relief obstacles and death toll climbs up.  

The country is also known as Myanmar.

(The photo is from the Agence French Presse.) 

A cyclone is the same as a hurricane. Here are many cyclone questions and answers.

The storm did the greatest damage in the Irrawaddy Delta area of Burma. Here is extensive information on that region. It is one of the most highly populated areas of Burma. 

The capital, Rangoon, has received extensive damage.

Here is video of the destruction

The Times of London writes about an added crisis from the storm

The features that made the stricken area vulnerable to this disaster — its low-lying geography and proximity to water — also made it Burma’s rice bowl. The cyclone has undoubtedly wrought terrible damage on the country’s agriculture. World rice prices are at a record high already, provoking food riots in more than 30 countries. Burma is a net exporter of rice, and the destruction of crops in the Irrawaddy delta will only add to upward pressure on international prices. The country may be unable to keep its promise to sell rice to other needy countries such as Sri Lanka and Bangladesh.

There is concern the repressive goverment of Burma will obstruct foriegn-based relief efforts.

This BBC article discusses what aid workers in Burma will be looking for and trying to accomplish.

Here are three Burmese bloggers on the cyclone and the repression in Burma.  

Here is Burmese Bloggers Without Borders.

Here is Burma Digest.

Here is ko hitke’s prosaic collection.

This Saturday, a so-called referendum is planned by the government to help cement their dictatorial rule.

Hopefully this vote will be canceled and the cyclone will help open Burmese society. The Chinese government could help by pressuring its Burmese allies to move towards freedom.

Here is the most recent Reporters Without Borders update on Burma

Here are some basic facts and recent history of Burma.

Below is a BBC map of the path of the storm.  

Burma map 

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Nude People Protest Olympic Torch

The picture above is of nude people protesting the Olympic torch in San Francisco.

I support nude protests and all protests against the Olympic torch and against China holding the Olympics.    

It’s not just about Tibet–It is about the suppression of a billion people.

Here is the Reporters Without Borders story on the torch protests.

Here is the Reporters Without Borders most current report on repression in China.

Here is a BBC report on the torch protests

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Chinese Islamic Restaurant & Links About Islam In China

A “Chinese Islamic” restaurant has opened in Houston. It is in the location of another Chinese restaurant I often went to but is now closed.

(Update—I have now eaten here three times. It is very good and there is a large menu with many items. The place is clean and the people working there are nice. ) 

The restaurant is called Jamillah Garden and is located at 15514 FM 529 in Houston. Call 281-855-4818 for takeout.  

The word “Jamillah” is a variation of the female Arabic name Jamila. Jamila means beautiful.

Beautiful garden.

Below is a picture of the Bogar Botanical Gardens outside of Jakarta. You see there an Islamic woman enjoying the garden. All people like nice things like a beautiful garden. Here is a link to information about these gardens.

I have not yet visited the Chinese Islamic restaurant. But I will soon. Today I was handed a menu.

What do Islamic Chinese people eat?   

Well–Looking at the menu I see some different offerings from the previous restaurant in that location.

Cold Ox-Tendon for example.  And Spicy Ox-Tripe.

I will order neither item.

There are many lamb dishes. That will do just fine. And many standard Chinese food offerings.

Though the Sweet & Sour Pork is gone.

Here is information on Islamic Dietary restrictions. 

Here is an excerpt from the Koran

“You who believe! Intoxicants and gambling, idols and raffles are only a filthy work of satan, turn aside from them so that you may prosper. Satan only wants to stir up enmity and jealousy among you by means of intoxicants and gambling, and to hinder you from remembering God, and from praying; so will you not abstain?”(5: 90 – 91) 

I don’t follow all that. But I have some sympathy for the position. 

Here are a number of articles about Chinese Muslims from the Islam Awareness Homepage.

The above source says China is 2% Islamic. That comes out to 24 million people.

Here is a BBC story about Chinese Muslims living in the Ningxia province of China

Here is a picture of Yinchuan. This is the capital of Ningxia.  

Here is a history of Muslims in China from the Los Angeles Chinese Learning Center.

Here is an Economist story about Muslims in the Chinese frontier province of Xinjiang.

Here is information on Islam.

Here is an Islamic blogger from the great state of Ohio—The Tales of a Modern Muslimah.  I think she has the makings of a good blog and I hope she begins to post on a more consistent basis.

I hope the new Chinese Islamic Restaurant is a good place and I hope people will be willing to give it a chance.

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Congratulations To Protestors Who Disrupted Olympic Torch Ceremony


Congratulations to the protesters who disrupted the torch lighting ceremony in Athens for the Beijing Olympic games.

Here is a story about the protests

Update 4/8/08Here is a story about further protests against the torch run. Protestors forced the torch to be extinguished in Paris.

Above you see the Reporters Without Borders Olympic handcuff flag. Click here to learn more about Reporters Without Borders. 

The immediate cause of the protest was the Chinese denial of freedom in Tibet. 

In addition to Tibet, the Chinese goverment denies political freedom to more than one billion people who live in China.

The Summer Olympics were held in Nazi Germany in 1936 and in the Soviet Union in 1980.    

Here is the story about the torch lighting ceremony on the official web page of the U.S Olympic team. No mention is made here of the disruption. 

How can our U.S. Olympic team represent American values when it ignores people fighting for freedom?     

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Government In Burma Similar To Butcher Government Holding 2008 Olympics


Some Buddhist Monks in Burma have been killed and others are being sent to remote prisons for taking part in democracy protests.

This is reminiscent of the brutal crushing of democracy protests in China’s Tiananmen Square in 1989. 

China, like Nazi Germany in 1936 and Soviet Russia in 1980, was rewarded for this behavior by being selected to host the Summer Olympics.

In Burma, bloggers have risked their lives to get this story out.


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