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Excellent Blog Discussing World Elections

I’veng thought to myself that if I could blog for a living I would write a blog about different elections around the world.

I can’t blog for a living and just doing this blog is taxing enough.

No worries though!

I’ve found a blog called World Elections. This blog looks at various elections across the globe and uses color charts to illustrate various points and voting patterns. The most recent post on World Elections as I write this tonight is about elections in Sardinia. Other posts are about—among many other places—Iraq, Boliva and Switzerland. 

(Above is a picture of Sardinia. What a dream come true it would be to vist a place like that. Here is some information about Sardinia.) 

Please review World Elections and help give this blogger the large audience he deserves. I think–though I’m not fully sure– that this blogger is based in France. Maybe he will allow his blog reading public to stay with him at his castle or chateau.

( Here is information about what a chateau is and below is a picture of one in a rural area. It seems that the lord of the manor lives in a chateau. I did not know that. )

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