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Red, White, And Blue In Bristol, Rhode Island—Add On Pitch For Occupy Wall Street

Many of the streets in Bristol, Rhode Island have red, white, and blue dividing lines.

And many of the houses have American flags.

The home in the picture above was just a normal residential house.

The picture above was taken a month after the Fourth of July. Those flags and the bunting on that house were not just up for the Fourth.

In Rhode Island two months ago I noticed a large number of homes had American flags on display.

Maybe this has to do with the fact that Rhode Island was one of the original 13 colonies.

The oldest continuous Fourth of July parade in the nation is held each year in Bristol. The parade dates back to 1785.

As I recall it from when I was a kid in Proviodence, many streets in Rhode Island had those red, white and blue dividing lines during the Bicentennial year of 1976.

Consistent with the spirit of freedom, Occupy Providence will convene on October 15 in Burnside Park in Downtown Providence.

There are Occupy events taking place across the nation. Look for one near you.

The Occupy effort is part of the long American history of progress and fair play.

Here is the Occupy Wall Street web site.

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Why Bristol Palin’s Pregnancy Is A Fair Issue In This Campaign

The fact that Bristol Palin is having a baby has nothing to do with Governor Sarah Palin’s ability, or inability, to be Vice President. Bristol Palin herself is entitled to privacy.

But the fact is that the issue in and of itself has relevance to the campaign. Part of Governor Palin’s supposed appeal is her family of five children and her “hockey mom” status. This all fits in with so-called family values issues that have been a Republican staple for many years now.   

If you campaign on what people’s values should be in their own homes, and in their personal relationships, then your home and your relationships are fair game as well.

A good blog post on this subject can be found at The Texas Cloverleaf. Texas Cloverleaf says this would be a fine time to discuss birth control and sex education as a solution to teen pregnancy. 

Above is a picture of Bristol, Rhode Island. Looks like a nice place to get away from all the trouble politics brings.

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