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State Rep. Borris Miles Says Texans Should Flood State Capitol Just Like In Wisconsin—Where Are Other Elected Texas Democrats?

Houston-area Texas State Representative Borris Miles says that Texans should flood the Texas State Capitol in Austin just as people are doing at the Wisconsin State Capitol in Madison.

Here is a portion of what Rep. Miles said—

“We need to fill the Texas Capitol like the citizens of Wisconsin are doing in Madison and let our voices be heard.  I have been inspired by the citizens of Wisconsin turning their capitol into the people’s house and we need to do the same thing here in Texas.”

Why should Texans do such a thing?

Again from Rep. Miles—

“Make no mistake, balancing the budget purely through by budget cuts will have a disastrous effect not only on District 146, but the entire state.  In fact, Standard & Poor’s said that Texas needed to combine new revenue along with budget cuts to prevent significant negative impacts on local governments and public schools.  I have not tried to hide my disgust with the proposed budget whose deepest cuts will fall on children, the poor, the disabled and the elderly.”

Other elected Democrats at all levels of government in Texas should also be calling for average citizens to take the lead in fighting back against the brutal cuts being planned in our Texas legislature.

Is anybody aware of any leadership coming from Houston City Council on these questions? Has Mayor Annise Parker made clear a strategy of any kind with these cuts on the way? Is the city lobbying in Austin? Will that lobbying make any difference? Are we just supposed to sit by quietly? Would Tea Party activists, who out-worked and out-organized the other side in 2010, do nothing if they were under attack in Austin?

What about where you live in Texas? Are the Democrats you vote for year-after-year well-representing you when the stakes are so high for the things we value as Democrats and as liberals and progressives?

Rep. Miles has it right. Everyday Texans must take the lead in working against the brutal cuts under strong consideration in Austin.

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The Texas Liberal 2010 Texas Democratic Primary Endorsement Slate

Here is the Texas Liberal slate of endorsements for the 2010 Texas Democratic Primary.

You’ll note that I have not endorsed a candidate for most races in Harris County and that I’ve left out a few statewide offices.

I had planned to at least figure out all the statewide candidates, but I was in Ohio all last week and just could not find the time upon my return.

There are so many people running for all these judgeships in Harris County. Who the hell are all these people?

I promise I will study the candidates before I vote Tuesday. I’m a good citizen As for the candidates I have selected, you can bet your bottom dollar that I know just what I am talking about.

Each endorsement is linked to the post I write for the candidate in question.

Here we go—

Governor—Bill White

Lieutenant Governor—Linda Chavez-Thompson

Commissioner of Agriculture—Hank Gilbert

Texas State House District 146—Borris Miles

Judge 313th Juvenile Court—Marc Isenberg

Harris County Criminal Court At Law #9—Sylvia Pubchara-Munoz

For some of the other races on our primary ballot, please consult my friend Perry Dorrell at Brains & Eggs. Perry is a good liberal.

Another trusted source for endorsements is the Houston political blog Dos Centavos.

You could also use this resource at the Houston blog Off The Kuff.

The Houston League of Women Voters has a voter’s guide for the primary.

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One More Time—Borris Miles In Texas House District 146

(2/26/10—Blogger’s Note—This the second time for this post—Just as Mr. Miles is looking for another go-round in Austin. I’m running the post again because I think it is an important race. A shift from incumbent Al Edwards to Mr. Miles will offer District 146 representation much more in line with the needs and concerns of the district.)

Borris Miles is running to win back the Texas House of Representatives seat he lost two years ago.

This is in Texas House District 146. Please click here for a map of this district.

Mr. Miles was at one point seen by many as a promising legislator.

However, during his term in the legislature Mr. Miles went to a party and was alleged to have waived a gun at people attending the party.

(Above–Borris Miles seeming calm and well-composed.)

This alleged gun waiving did not help Mr. Miles at the polls in 2008.

However, we must recall that Mr. Miles was found innocent of charges related to this event.

The man Mr. Miles lost to in 2008 was the same person he defeated in the 2006 Democratic primary to win the seat in the first place –Al Edwards.

Mr. Edwards is awful. His district is quite Democratic, yet he has often aligned himself with the most conservative Republicans in the Texas legislature.

Voters understood this in 2006 when they turned out Mr. Edwards and elected Mr. Miles.

Mr. Miles is a smart man and I think he has changed his course for the better.

Al Edwards is the same man—playing all sides and for himself at all times—that he was when voters tossed him out in 2006.

In the Democratic primary coming up this March 2nd, I ask District 146 voters to please consider giving Mr. Miles another chance.

We all merit a second chance.

Mr. Edwards has had many chances, and each chance he gets he goes to Austin and helps far right-wing Republicans make Texas an even tougher place to live.

Here is the Borris Miles Facebook page.

Here is the web home for the Miles campaign.

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Borris Miles & Al Edwards—Democrats Way Of Telling Texas Urban Voters To Drop Dead

I’d be remiss not to comment on the terrible choice faced here in Houston by the loyal Democrats in strongly-Democratic Texas State House District 146.

Here is some helpful information about Democratic incumbent Borris Miles from the Houston Chronicle of January 12—

“The Harris County District Attorney’s Office is investigating a complaint that state Rep. Borris Miles, D-Houston, made threats and brandished a gun at a holiday party last month.

According to witnesses, Miles entered a St. Regis Hotel ballroom uninvited, confronting guests, displaying a pistol and forcibly kissing another man’s wife.

David Harris, who threw the party for his property management company, said he believes Miles, an insurance agent, was angry at him for investing in a rival business….

Rumors about the incident have swirled for weeks in both Houston and Austin. Harris agreed to speak publicly about it last month only after being contacted by the Houston Chronicle. 

Miles is being challenged in the March 4 Democratic primary for District 146 by former Rep. Al Edwards, whom Miles unseated in 2006….

Miles also gained some notoriety last spring when he personally removed two pieces of art on display at the Capitol that he said were objectionable. The art in an exhibit placed by the Texas Moratorium Network included a depiction of a black man hanging from a rope and an illustration of a man tied to an electric chair with the inscription “Doing God’s Work.”

According to witnesses to the December incident, Miles walked into the ballroom carrying a wine bottle and a glass…..

Rido said Miles also kissed his wife, Krysynthia, before leaving….”

Mr. Miles was elected, in essence, in the 2006 Democratic Primary when he defeated long-term incumbent Al Edwards

Mr. Edwards is also a disturbing figure.

Mr. Edwards, running again as the above article noted, is somewhere between no better and worse than Mr. Miles.

 In the Texas House, Mr. Edwards was an ally of the deeply conservative and autocratic House Speaker Tom Craddick. This fact  in no way represented the interests of Mr. Edwards’ majority-minority and very Democratic  district.

This is the best our Democratic Party can do for loyal supporters who need effective representation in Austin?

All this makes me ask again why city residents vote Democratic over and over while getting so little in return? Our cities just get worse and worse and worse. It’s the same way Republicans use rural voters. 

I’m not going to pretend I have a solution. It’s not voting Republican. I’ll just say that when you are used time and time again, it becomes at some point up to you to work for change.

If that change involves abstaining from certain races on the ballot, voting for Greens if the option is there, or demanding more effective leadership from take-us-for-granted Democrats, I simply refuse to believe I have to accept this stuff forever.  

In this specific case, Texas House 146 voters have two lousy candidates. They deserve better. While all people should vote in all elections, this is a race I’d leave blank on my ballot on Primary Day if I lived in 146.

Which brings us to the absurd way we select a House Speaker in Texas. Instead of by party line vote, as is done in places where democracy exists, Texas House Speaker votes cross party lines.

In this way, the politics of personality, secret deal-cutting, and everyone for themselves, replaces the voters of Texas. Instead of a majority party and a minority party reflecting the will of Texas voters, what you get is a closed-door scramble that reflects who-knows-what.

A concern is that Mr. Miles is a reliable vote for a Democratic Speaker, while Mr. Edwards might support Mr. Craddick in a closely divided House.    

My feeling is that the party that wins a majority should elect a Speaker. That’s the democratic thing to do. And that’s the kind of change and reform folks should be demanding.

Failing that, maybe urban representatives in Texas should talk with rural representatives in Texas and barter the Speakers’s chair for whoever will give the best terms. Maybe raw political power is the only way to get the attention of people and interests that at heart don’t seem to really care if voters who can be taken for granted live or die.

Update—Here is a column by Rick Casey at the Houston Chroniclesaying that Mr. Craddick is at the heart of why Democrats have been silent on this issue and also suggesting that Mr. Miles may have talents to offer in the legislature. Also, Mr. Miles has been in the hospital this week with pneumonia. He is reported to be on the upswing. Good luck to Mr. Miles in his recovery. 

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