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Libertarians—Not Wanted By The Electorate

We’ve heard a lot about Libertarian Presidential candidates in 2008, but the facts are that the voting public does not want these people.

Congressman Ron Paul’s Republican primary campaign was a flop. Despite raising a lot of money from a core of true believers, Rep. Paul did not have nearly the success of outsider primary candidates Jesse Jackson in 1984 and 1988 or Pat Robertson in 1988

Wedded to his government job, Dr. Paul did not run for President on a third party ticket in 2008. Instead, he is running for reelection to Congress in Texas.

Libertarians have nominated former Congressman Bob Barr ( photo above) of Georgia as their 2008 nominee. Losing a 2002 Republican primary to keep his seat in the House, alleged Libertarian Barr is now looking for another government job at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

No Libertarian nominee has ever won more than 1.1% of the total vote in a Presidential election. And that was way back in 1980. Ed Clark was the Libertarian who delivered the 1.1% for the faithful.

Libertarianism is a philosophy that says, when all is said and done, that no person has any obligation to assist any other person. Even in individualist America, this view has been soundly rejected at the pools. Mr. Barr in 2008 will be yet another in a long line of Libertarian electoral non-entities.

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