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Which Is More Frustrating—Bitter White Working Class Or Do-Nothing Black Middle Class?

Which is more frustrating? Those who are bitter in the white working class, or the do-nothings within the black middle class?

It’s a close call.

While Senator Barack Obama must do his best to win over all potential voters, there is a point where you say about some that if you’ve not gotten the idea of the harm done after years of voting for Nixon, Reagan and the Bushes, than maybe you’re just not going to be reached.

For our black middle classes, when will we see political and social action on the behalf of the urban and rural black poor and others need in help? It took political action to create a black middle class in the first place. The need for activism did not stop just because some were able to do well.

There are people of all kinds who do good things every day. Many working class whites vote Democratic and many middle class blacks do a lot to help others.

Yet it’s also the case that many in our society are going to have to make the call to put aside their anger and assume a greater role in the lives of people who could use some help.

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