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Birthday Message—We Age And Then Die So Make Use Of Days In-Between

Today is my 42nd birthday.

Below is a picture of me when I was 12. At the time I lived in Providence, Rhode Island. You see that I have a book in my hand and a measure of attitude. I’ve not progressed much in the 30 years since this photo was taken.

Now here I am at 41. The picture below was taken in Newport, Kentucky last month at the immense punk rock blast.

There you have one person over 30 years. Think what you will.

We age and then die. Hopefully, we give the days in-between some meaning. Hopefully, we have decent private lives and make an effort to be of use to the world as a whole.

My own view is that our personal and public lives are connected. We can’t just care for the people close to us and not care about others.  For us to have good personal lives, we must live in a place that is decent and where public services and public benefits are provided.

I feel I’m at least trying to have a good personal life and trying to be of vaue to others in the wider world.

Thank you for reading Texas Liberal.

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