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Texas Republican Says He Lost Republican Primary Because Of Hispanic Surname

Incumbent Republican Texas Railroad Commission member Victor Carrillo blames his Hispanic surname for his defeat in the recent Texas Republican primary.

Here is some of what Mr. Carrillo said in an e-mail message to supporters–

“As you now surely know, last night I was defeated (61% / 39%) in my statewide Republican Primary by my opponent, David Porter. Porter, an unknown, no-campaign, no-qualification CPA from Midland residing in Giddings filed on the last day that he could file while I was waiting in Abilene to bury my dad. He has never held any elected office, has no geoscience, industry, or legal experience other than doing tax returns for oil and gas companies.”

Here is the full message.

As the Marshall (Texas) News Messenger reported, there is precedent for Hispanic last names costing Republicans in primary elections.

I have nothing but the back of my hand and a hearty good riddance for Mr. Carrillo. What did he expect from the Republican primary electorate?

If you’re a fair-minded Texan,—or a fair-minded person from any place— you see here the nature of the Texas Republican party.

This November, Jeff Weems is the candidate for Texas Railroad Commission who is running on experience instead of on his last name.

It is wrong to feel you know something about a person just on the basis of a name.

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How Low Can Gene Locke Go?—Excellent Statement By Annise Parker

Just how low can can Houston Mayoral run-off candidate Gene Locke go?

Given a chance in a debate last night with rival Annise Parker to reject the endorsement of anti-gay hatemonger Steven Hotze, Mr. Locke did not do so.

( Above–Death Valley, California. The lowest point in North America at 282 feet below sea level. Gene Locke is even lower than Death Valley. Here is information about Death Valley National Park.)

If one form of bigotry is acceptable, why all not forms of bigotry?

Mr. Locke is a black man and you’d think he’d know better. All people should know better.

Can you really picture Annise Parker seeking the endorsement of racists?

Ms. Parker is flawed.—Though we are all flawed.

Her campaign has been depressing in many respects.

Yet I just can’t imagine Ms. Parker going out and looking for the endorsement of hateful people just for the purposes of winning an election.

Mr. Locke did not limit his offensive comments last night to bigotry. He struck a strong note of selfishness as well.

In his closing statement, Mr. Locke suggested voters should ask “What’s in it for me?”

“What’s in it for me?”


Ms. Parker, in great contrast, used her closing statement to say the first decent thing I have heard said in this campaign.

Ms. Parker used her closing statement to say “I want your commitment to our city.”

I hope Ms. Parker builds on this concept of obligations citizens have to the larger community.

Here is a video of the closing statement from the debate last night.

Here is the full debate.

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