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Bay Of Fundy & College Station, Texas—Both Places Have Bloggers

What do the Bay of Fundy up in the Maritime Provinces of Canada, and College Station, Texas have in common?


Like roaches, bloggers are found in all places.

Terri runs the Bay of Fundy Blog.

Above you see the tides that make the of Bay of Fundy famous. 

It goes from a lot of water to not so much water.  

Or maybe it is the other way around.

Here is some information on the Bay of Fundy.

Terri left a comment on this blog a few days ago asking why many of her readers come from Texas.

I don’t know.  Maybe it is because the Bay of Fundy is so diffferent than anything in Texas.

Though I am a great champion of the Texas coast. There is plenty to see from Beaumont all the way down to the border.  

Terri runs a solid shop and you’d do well to check it and see about an interesting part of the world.

A new blog out of College Station is Left Of College Station.

Left Of College Station started posting just this month. The blogger is an alternate delegate to the Texas State Democratic Convention taking place this week.

Good luck to Left Of College Station. College Station needs your message.

Below is a picture of the Texas A & M campus in College Station.  

Thank you also to the Texas blogger The Llama Ate My Flipflops for a blogroll link. 

I see she own some animals.   

Thanks also to Texas bloggers McBlogger and Somervell County Salon for recent links.

On a personal blogging note, Texas Liberal passed 200,000 views yesterday. Thanks to everybody who has read the blog and left a comment.


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Saturday Thanks & Links—Dwarf Hippo Edition


Thanks to everybody who linked to Texas Liberal this week or who added the blog to their blogroll.

Rakoto’s Rants: The Malagasy Dwarf Hippo linked to my Martin Luther King Reading & Reference List.

This blog is in Madagascar! Can you beat that? I hope these folks visit Houston someday so I can show them around town.  

The Malagasy Dwarf Hippo is now extinct. Though there are two living Pygmy Hippo species in the world.

The drawing above is of the pre-historic Cretan Dwarf Hippo that lived on the island of Crete. (Photo below of Crete. I wish I could tell you I was blogging from Crete–But I’m not.)


Unusual Music’s Journal also linked to the King post.

georigaism linked to my post about the self-destructing palm tree.

Thanks to both these fellow-bloggers.

My friend Diane in Maryland linked to a post about Bush, Grant & Jefferson  from her blog Bean and Bee. Thank you Diane. Always excellent to hear from you.  

The very good people at Panhandle Truth Squad in Amarillo linked to my post asking why Obama does not say it would be okay if he really were a Muslim.   

This week I added the Collin County Observer to my blogroll. These Texas bloggers seem serious about what they are doing and no doubt the area in which they live merits the scrutiny.  

I also added the Bay of Fundy Blog. This blogger lives near the Bay of Fundy and sees the big tides roll in and out. It sounds great. Her latest post is about an odd looking lobster.

Thanks to everybody who reads Texas Liberal.

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