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I Sent $50 To Both Green Presidential Nominee Jill Stein And To The Obama Campaign—We Each Must Choose Our Own Course

Above are Barbara Jordan stamps I bought at the Barbara Jordan Post Office here in Houston.

Here are facts about the great Congresswoman Barbara Jordan of Houston.

The two missing stamps were used to send a $50 donation to the Obama campaign and $50 to the Green Presidential campaign of Jill Stein.

There is a big difference between Obama and Romney and the election is not close to over. Many very good and decent people are working hard to reelect President Obama and they merit support.

I don’t think half the country consists of freeloaders and people who think they are victims.

I’m voting for Stein in Republican Texas because she best represents my views on a fair economy, climate change and the freedom to dissent.

The work of freedom is up to each of us and nobody else.

We each have to figure out our own course. We each have many ways we can make an impact.

Every Texan and every American has the ability to attend a public meeting, attend or organize a protest, write or call an elected official, talk to friends and family, start a blog, donate money, write a letter to the editor, volunteer for candidates and causes, engage in acts of civil disobedience, and to run for public office.

With the race for President in Texas almost certainly decided in favor of Mitt Romney, I ask folks to please consider the Green campaign of Jill Stein.

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Is Jarvis Johnson For Real As He Discusses Poverty In Race Against Sheila Jackson Lee?

Houston City Councilmember Jarvis Johnson sent out the numbers you see below about the 18th Congressional District of  Texas. Mr. Johnson is running in a Democratic primary in this district to unseat incumbent Sheila Jackson Lee.

(Above–The 18th was once represented by Barbara Jordan.)

(Here is a profile of this race from the Houston Chronicle.)

From Mr. Johnson about the 18th

151,855 (23%) residents are in poverty,

66,238 (35.4%) children are in poverty

25% of women are in poverty

28 % of African Americans are in poverty

25% of Latinos are in poverty.

From the 2006-2008 American Community Survey Census

67% are high school graduates or higher compared to the 85% national average.

17% have a Bachelor’s degree or better compared to the 27% national average.

50% of housing units are owner occupied compared to the 67% national average.

50% of housing units are renter occupied compared to the 33% national average.

$37,133 is the median household income compared to the $52,175 national average.

Here is a map of the 18th District.

Okay– I’m glad Mr. Johnson is discussing poverty. Poverty is an issue that should have mattered in the race for Mayor of Houston last year. Houston is full of poverty and misery.

The question is—What is Mr. Johnson going to do about any of this?

Here is something of an issues platform on Mr. Johnson’s campaign web home. I think it has a measure of substance.

However, nowhere on Mr. Johnson’s web home can you find a detailed explanation of what he would propose to help fight poverty in the 18th district.

I think many people are tired of Congresswoman Jackson Lee’s endless publicity seeking and are open to change.

Earning the trust of voters is difficult when minority voters and urban Democrats of all kinds vote for Democrats year-after-year and our cities only seem to get worse.

Imagine if state legislators and Congressional representatives in electorally safe urban districts devoted some of their campaign war chests to voter registration? Imagine if they began to really speak the truth about the problems facing the poor and the problems facing urban America?

Here’s an article recently published in New Scientist magazine about the impact of stress, poverty, and crime on breast cancer rates of women in American urban neighborhoods.

From the article—

“But according to a novel collaboration between sociologists and biologists, the strain of living in some of the toughest neighbourhoods in the US may cause biological changes that lead directly to earlier deaths. Results from the collaboration indicate that social isolation and a fear of crime cause an overload of stress hormones that can change cell biology, sending tumours into overdrive. “We’re showing that your social environment can affect your health directly,” says Suzanne Conzen of the University of Chicago. “It goes into gene expression. That concept is really new.”

Science is finding new ways to report a story that anyone could guess—Poverty kills.

Republicans seem lost to any measure of decency on this issue. What is so frustrating is the silence of so many Democrats on the question.

I’m going to listen to what Mr. Johnson says on these issues of poverty as the campaign moves on to the March 2nd primary Election Day.

Hopefully he is for real.

Despite many disappointments with politicians,  I like to “Keep Hope Alive” as Jesse Jackson often urged folks to do.

(This is the Texas Liberal “*Texas Primary Post of the Day.* Posts do not appear each day.)

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2008 Houston MLK Parade—How About Fewer ROTC Marchers And More Honor Roll Kids

On Martin Luther King Day I attended the afternoon M.L.K Grande Parade in Houston that marched up and down Allen Parkway.

There is another parade that this year marched in the morning in Downtown Houston. There are two parades because the organizers of the parades are not mature enough to work out a longstanding dispute.

The marchers and the crowd at the King parade were people who love freedom and who love the Reverend Doctor Martin Luther King.

Marchers came from as far away as Beaumont and Corpus Christi.

As good as the parade was, there are some points I’d make—

1. It would be better if more white people and more Asian and Hispanic people would attend the King parade.

2. Parade organizers should reach out to majority white schools in the Houston-area to send marching bands. Majority white schools in the Houston-area should contact parade organizers about sending marching bands.

3. When floats and marchers from local TV and radio stations pass by in the parade, the crowd should berate these people for the poor and mind-rotting programming that is broadcast.  

Houston Channel CW 39 had a float promoting the virtues of education. 

Here is a link to the programming schedule on the CW 39. 

The crowd should have yanked that float off the street.

4. I missed the first few minutes of the parade so maybe I have this wrong, but I did not see any marchers representing the Harris County Democratic Party.

5. This is my most important point–Martin Luther King would have wanted honor roll students and debate club students marching instead of ROTC kids.  Every year there are many ROTC marchers twirling around fake rifles at the King parade.

This is not consistent with the life and work of Martin Luther King.

If, as one example among many schools in the parade, the Barbara Jordan High School for Careers felt it just had to send an ROTC contingent, could they have not also sent the honor roll or straight-A students as well?

Is what I saw at the parade what the great Congresswoman Barbara Jordan would have wanted?

It would just take the application of a little bit of imagination for these schools to honor Dr. King more appropriately.

Please click here for a Martin Luther King Reading & Reference list.    

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