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Here Come The Salmon Up The Fish Elevator

Here come the salmon up the salmon elevator at the Ballard Locks in Seattle, Washington.

Off they go to spawn or to be eaten by a sea lion or to end up on your plate.

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Sunny Yellow Tugboats In Seattle

Here is a picture of a number of yellow tugboats near the Ballard Locks in Seattle.

I know it is supposed to be cloudy in Seattle, but I’ve had sun on all the 4 days I’ve been in Seattle so far.

It has been cloudy in the mornings, but very sunny in the afternoons.

Here is a picture of some sunny yellow tugboats in Seattle, Washington.

These boats are damned cheery in an industrial sort of way.

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Does Anybody Refuse Use Of The Free Government Service Of The Ballard Locks In Seattle?—I Wager Not

Here are two photos I took a few hours ago of the Ballard Locks on the Lake Union Ship Canal in Seattle, Washington.

These locks assist all sorts of boats and ships in reaching Puget Sound and the Pacific Ocean.

These locks are owned and operated by the U.S government. They are free to use by all craft.

The tour guide on the boat ride I took to see the locks, said that big ships, fishing boats, tour boats and pleasure craft use these locks.

Do any of these vessels refuse this service because it is run by the government? Isn’t this socialism?

I bet nobody refuses use of the Ballard Locks because they are run by the government.

This is just how conservatives accept Social Security and veteran’s benefits and all sorts of government benefits and services, even as they complain about government.

People like government just fine when they are the ones benefiting.

Beyond selfishness, Liberals, progressives and other thoughtful folks also like government for all the good it can do, and for all the good it does in fact accomplish in our society.

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