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(Not Quite) Childe Hassam’s Avenue In The Rain

I walked out of a restaurant in Downtown Houston a few days ago and saw the image you see above.

This scene reminded me of the painting you see below.

The painting is Childe Hassam’s Avenue In The Rain. It was painted in 1917.

Learn more about Childe Hassam by clicking this link from The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York.

The images are not fully alike.

But the reason we have an imagination is so we can connect things that have at least something in common.

Imagination is a pathway to seeing the world in proper context.

If you can’t connect Point A to Point B, not only will you miss out on much in life, but you’re also setting yourself to get ripped-off by folks who see the that everything in life is connected, and who will use this knowledge to get ahead at your expense.

Make the effort required to see why people act as they do. See what one thing has in common with another thing.

Make use of the abilities we all possess.

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