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Texas State Rep. Garent Coleman Is Speaking Up For All People In Houston Region—Where Are Other Elected Democrats?

Democratic Texas State Representative Garnet Coleman has written an opinion column for the Houston Chronicle saying that new Arizona immigration law is like a new form of Jim Crow.

Here is some of what Rep. Coleman had to say—

“I am thankful that the U.S. Department of Justice filed suit against Arizona’s immigration law because it interferes with the federal government’s constitutional authority to set and enforce immigration policy. By declaring “reasonable suspicion” to be grounds for detainment, such laws not only overstep their boundaries, but they ensure that people of a certain ethnicity are born suspects.”

Rep. Coleman has also spoken up many times for President Obama’s health care reforms that will help many uninsured people in Houston, in Texas and all over the nation.

Here is Mr. Coleman’s blog.

As did President Theodore Roosevelt (above) , Rep. Coleman understands the role of the “bully pulpit”  as an officeholder.

Words matter. Moving public opinion matters. Mr. Coleman gets this fundamental purpose of politics and governance.

It would be good if other elected Democrats in Houston and the Houston region would speak up more often.

Very often our elected Democrats are silent despite the many issues of poverty, fair wages, lack of health care, immigration and education that are such critical concerns in Houston.

Houston is a Democratic city and Harris County is moving towards the Democrats.

Strong and visible leadership by elected Democrats would help create the infrastructure required to turn Election Day victories into forward-looking public policy.

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Where Is Houston Mayor Parker On Arizona Immigration Law?—Where Are Houston Hispanic Political Leaders?

The new immigration law in Arizona has prompted a strong response across the nation.

Under this new law, American citizens could be asked by law enforcement officer to prove that they have a right to be in Arizona.

Based on your race, you could be asked for your papers by a police officer.

President Obama and Attorney General Holder are deciding if the federal government should sue Arizona.

The Mayor of St. Paul, Minnesota, Chris Coleman, has ordered a ban on city travel to any event in Arizona.

Meghan McCain, daughter of Arizona Senator John McCain, has said she opposes the law.

There were protests against the law in Chicago that lead to arrests.

However, regretfully, we have heard little of substance from Houston Mayor Annise Parker.

This silence is despite the fact that Mayor Parker began her rise to the Mayor’s office by championing the human rights cause of justice and fair play for gay folks.

And this silence is despite the fact that at least 40% of people in Houston are Hispanic or Latino.

My fellow Houston blogger Stace Medellin of Dos Centavos is also waiting to hear more from Mayor Parker on this important human rights concern.

Congressman Duncan Hunter of California says he would support deporting Hispanic children born in the U.S. This even though being born in the U.S. makes you a citizen.

Republican Texas State Representative  Debbie Riddle says she will propose a law similar to the Arizona law.

In an election year—In a political climate where Tea Party people are running around with all sorts of far right-wing views— we don’t have the luxury of silence.

Mayor Parker, who knows as well as anyone that people can be deprived of human rights and basic justice, needs to speak up.

Beyond the Mayor, where are Hispanic political leaders in Houston?

I’ll tell you where they are.

They are sitting in low-turnout districts happy to have a clear path to re-election, hoarding campaign war chests, and doing nothing of substance to increase Hispanic turnout in Houston, Harris County, and Texas.

If this low turnout makes Hispanics more vulnerable to being accosted for the crime of existing—So it goes.

The freedom of all people is connected. Yet many of our local Democrats in Houston would have folks go it alone against the forces of intolerance and against police state tactics.

The good news is that there will be a march in Houston on May 1 in favor of the human rights of immigrants. Please click here for the details.

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