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Albino Buffalo Seen In Kenya

An albino buffalo has been found in Kenya. Above you see a picture of the albino buffalo. 

This albino buffalo, the first ever seen in Kenya, may have a life ahead of nothing but trouble.

First, because it is white it may be more visible to predators.

Also, local Maasai farmers have a prejudice against both albino animals and albino people. They view albinism as a bad omen.

Recently I wrote about Africans who keep big, expensive and somewhat useless Ankole Cattle as status symbols. I noted that it is in a way reassuring  to know that people in other parts of the world behave in as dumb a manner as we do in the United States.  This story leads me to repeat that observation.

Here is information about the Maasai people. I’m sure they are excellent people, but they should leave albino people and creatures alone. Below are some Maasai people.  


The type of buffalo that lives in Africa is the African Buffalo. Please click here to learn about the African Buffalo.

Here is an explanation of albinism.

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