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This Place Is A Pit—I’m Still Here


Above you see a picture of a mining pit of one kind or another that I saw from the airplane when I was flying back home to Houston from Los Angeles last week.

Here are recent articles about mining from the great British newspaper The Guardian.

I’ve not been posting much on Texas Liberal of late, but I am working on a new project.

I’m working on a new website that I plan to have up and running soon. This new website will have a photo essay of a kind, a metaphoric universe and solar system, some poems, and a blog about the 2013 City of Houston elections.

The new website will be called NeilAquino.com.

Thanks to everybody still checking out the blog from time-to-time and thanks to folks visiting the blog for the first time. I’ll still be posting on Texas Liberal off and on until the new site is published.

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North America Is A Large Continent

What a large continent we live on in North America.

I know this because I flew across the continent just a few hours ago.

I’ve posted a picture of the continent. I can’t tell you exactly where I was flying over when I took this picture. It was some place far away from any ocean.

I’ll be posting from Seattle for a few days.

I try to do my best for the blog reading public no matter where I am in the nation.

Thanks for reading Texas Liberal.

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Three States Of Being Last Thursday

Last Thursday I took a plane trip from Houston to Cincinnati. I live in Houston. I lived in Cincinnati for 18 years.

When I woke up Thursday, I was with my wife and at home. I was in my most familiar surroundings. I could come and go as I pleased.  

On the airplane, I was with strangers and I literally had no idea where I was at any given moment. When I looked out the window, what I saw for the most part was clouds. I was trapped on the plane until it landed.

In Cincinnati, I was not at home. But I was somewhere I knew well. I was with friends and family, but also a guest rather than a resident. I was welcome, but I still had to go by other people’s rules. 

Being in Cincinnati was in-between waking up at home and flying on an airplane.

You could say I had three states of being last Thursday.  

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Review Of Continental Express Flight 5627—Houston To Cincinnati

Here is a review of Continental Express flight 5627 which left Houston April 24, at 10:10 AM and arrived in Cincinnati at 1:45 PM.

It also landed on April 24. It was not a 27 hour flight.

The ticket cost $561.50. Can you imagine all that money to get to Cincinnati?

Above you see a picture of flight # 5627. Needless to say, all the passengers were surprised to be boarding such a plane. 

The flight started well because boarding required walking outside and walking up a staircase-on-wheels. I always find this exciting. I pretend I am Charles De Gaulle boarding a plane to Algeria.

I mentioned feeling like General De Gaulle to the flight attendant. By her response, I did not get the impression she shared my excitement.

Once on board, the glamour was gone. 

The plane smelled. I can’t quite classify the smell beyond being slightly yucky. The plane smelled from take off to landing.

Also, my seat was filled with crumbs.

I followed the trail of crumbs down to the floor. There I found my own feet. It must be what an out-of-body experience is like.

I was lucky in that nobody sat next to me. I often wish to be left alone.

I guess the thumb tacks I put on the seat next to me sent a clear message. 

A ”light snack” was served. This snack consisted of a turkey sandwich, a bag of potato chips and a tiny little Milky Way bar.

I felt the sandwich had been at least recently refrigerated. If I don’t start throwing up within the next 36 hours, we can say it was okay.

The fold out tray for my seat had a red substance on it. Sitting alone, I was able to use the tray from the next seat over. It had no blood-like substance on it.

Below the plane was the Earth.

I saw Lufkin, Texas and Little Rock, Arkansas. At least those are the places I think I saw.

I also saw the Mississippi River and the Ohio River. 

I would term both rivers as “muddy.”

The plane landed in Cincnnati without incident. My baggage was right where it was supposed to be and I was on my way.

I would give this flight a thumbs up in that everybody landed in one piece.

It’s really all you can ask.

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