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Five More U.S. Troops Dead In Afghanistan—Our Feelings About The War Seem Depend On Our Personal Politics

Five more U.S. troops have died in Afghanistan.

The yellow ribbons here at home have for the most part long been off  the SUVS, giant pick-ups and cars.

Maybe many of these folks are now concerned that socialists have taken over our government. Maybe they think that the fad of supporting our troops is not as fun when it is a Democrat giving the orders from the White House.

Our friends on the left are quiet now that we have a Democratic President. Don’t you think the left would be all over George W. Bush or John McCain if one of these men were President as the fighting in Afghanistan goes on and on?

Remember when the liberal advocacy group Move On asked if General David Petraeus should be called “General Betray Us?”

Move On was asking, in essence, if General Petraeus was disloyal in some fashion. Yet today when you go to the Move On homepage there is no mention of our wars in Iraq and Afghanistan as issues the group is focusing on at the moment. There is no discussion of President Obama’s recent promotion of General Petraeus to lead both our ongoing wars.

Was Move On wrong about General Petraeus back then, or they holding back now because Barack Obama is President?

Maybe it was all an act to start with on all sides of the debate.

In any case, our troops are still fighting and dying in Afghanistan while we go about our daily affairs.

This war is also causing civilian deaths in Afghanistan.

All people matter.

We have no draft in this country. The wealthy don’t go and fight. Our concern for the troops seems based in some degree on our politics.

Americans need to recall each day that we have service men and women fighting our wars while we over eat, drive like crazy people, and don’t bother to vote in most elections.

We need to hold President Obama to the same standards in Iraq and Afghanistan that we insisted upon from President Bush.

We need either clear progress towards a successful conclusion or we need to get out.

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Now That Insubordinate McChrystal Is Gone, Liberals & Progressives Must Insist Obama Show Progress In Afghanistan Just Like They Would Have Demanded Of Bush

General Stanley McChrystal has been fired from his command in Afghanistan.

Given that General McChrystal could not discipline himself and those closest to him, how could he trusted to lead others?

Now that President Obama has moved forward in this respect, it is time for liberals and progressives to insist upon the same standards in Afghanistan that they would have demanded of George W. Bush.

We need to have progress or we need to get out.

Lives are on the line regardless of the political party of the President at a given moment.

And if liberals don’t have high standards—who will?

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Brazos Coalition Against War To Hold Protest At Texas A & M University On January 20

There will be a protest against President Obama’s policies in Afghanistan and Iraq next week in College Station, Texas.

The protest is called Where’s The Change. It will take place on Wednesday, January 20  from 5 PM until 8 PM at the intersection of Texas and University Avenues in College Station. This location is quite proximate to Texas A& M University.

( Above–The Ross Volunteers at Texas A & M University. Formed in 1887, this is the official honor guard for the Governor of Texas. This picture was taken by Melanie Sarzynski.)

It takes guts to have an anti-war protest in proximity to Texas A & M University. Those folks over there are often very conservative.

This rally is being staged by the Brazos Coalition Against War.

Here is what the Brazos Coalition says about the protest—

“The Brazos Coalition Against War is sponsoring a protest against the Obama Administration’s escalation of the War in Afghanistan and the continued War in Iraq. The Brazos Coalition Against War is sponsoring a major protest on January 20, 2010, which marks a year since Barack Obama’s inauguration as a President who campaigned on ending the foreign policy of President George W. Bush. However, the Obama Administration has continued the foreign policy of the Bush Administration, continuing the occupation of Iraq and escalating the war in Afghanistan. The purpose of the protest is and to demand that our leaders end the United States occupation of Afghanistan and Iraq, and that all military service members and civilian contractors are brought home. The protest will be held from 5:00pm to 7:00pm at the corner of University Drive and Texas Avenue in College Station, Texas. Members of both community chapter of Brazos Coalition Against War and the Texas A&M student chapter will be in. The Brazos Coalition Against War, active for over three years in the Bryan-College Station area, includes individuals, students, and community groups opposed to the War in Iraq. The Brazos Coalition Against War website can be found on Facebook.”

Taking a lead role in this demonstration is fellow blogger and good friend Teddy Wilson.

Teddy writes the blog Left of College Station-–A Liberal Voice in a Conservative Community.

Please visit Teddy’s blog.

Teddy also hosts the radio program Information Underground.  This program runs from 5 PM  to 6 PM each Sunday on 89.1  KEOS in College Station.

Please click here to listen to recent broadcasts of Information Underground.

Teddy Wilson is the real thing. He is a great champion of liberal causes.

If you live anywhere close to College Station, please consider attending the rally on January 20 at 5 PM at the intersection of Texas and University Avenues.

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Civilizing Influences—For Better Or Worse

This morning I went out for breakfast.

While at breakfast, I read the newspaper.

Taking time to eat breakfast and read the paper can only exert a civilizing influence in our fast-paced and often ignorant society.

You see that the headline in the newspaper reports that six NATO troops were killed in Afghanistan.

War is a big part of civilization.

Maybe civilizing influences are a mixed bag.

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